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The Best UK Strawberry Planter Ideas

It’s safe to say that we’re a strawberry-loving nation. In 2019 alone, the UK produced 124,500 tonnes of strawberries. 

Many of us try our hand at growing strawberry plants in our gardens. And it’s easy to see why – strawberry plants can be grown in any garden, whatever its size, as they produce a profusion of fruit even in small spaces. And they’re perennials, so they keep on giving every year! 

While you can simply place strawberry plants in classic pots, this isn’t everyone’s style. So, in this article, we explore 50 strawberry planter ideas, some more traditional in nature and others showcasing uniqueness at its best. 

1. Personalised Wooden Strawberry Planter Ideas

Add a touch of uniqueness to your garden with a personalised wooden planter. Your strawberry plants can sit nice and snug in a personalised pot designed specifically for you. And if you know someone else who loves to grow strawberries, this planter makes a great gift. 

2. Birdcage Hanging Strawberry Planter Ideas 

Birdcage planters are an incredible way to bring a splash of personality and creativity into your outdoor space and are perfect if you’re going for a vintage or reused look in your garden. These hanging strawberry planters are highly versatile, fitting into any size home, whether it’s a four-bed detached house or a third-floor flat.

3. Raised Strawberry Bed Ideas

If subtle garden design is more up your street, why not try a raised strawberry bed? These are extremely practical and easy to make yourself, just requiring four bits of timber screwed together! With raised beds, you can go as big or small as you like, even incorporating companion plants like mint, chives, and thyme, if you like! 

4. Outdoor Strawberry Planter – Upside Down T-Shaped Design

This upside-down T planter cleverly houses strawberry plants in a hollow, vertical post with small circular pockets. This inspiring design gives you space for your rapidly expanding strawberry plant collection and still saves space for other plants in the base! So you’re not seeing bare compost at the top of the post, add a layer of pebbles or gravel like in this design – this will finish off the look. 

5. Strawberry Planter Ideas DIY – Strawberry Wall

A generic planter may not be big enough for a particularly large strawberry plant collection. If this is the case, a strawberry wall planter provides a splendid solution. This sizeable trellis contains big pockets into which you can slot your strawberry plants. Or, if you grow climbing strawberry varieties, simply place a planter on the floor and let your climbing strawberry plants do what they do best – climb!

6. Strawberry Planter Box – Milk Crate Tower

One of the great things about strawberry plants is that they don’t need planters with bells and whistles. If you like to recycle old materials, this could be the design for you – featuring four milk crates stacked on top of one another to create a tower, this is an excellent, low-cost alternative to a stereotypical vertical planter. 

7. Vertical Strawberry Planter – PVC Tubes

What’s cheap, cheerful, and will only take up a little space in your home? PVC tube strawberry planters! When choosing the PVC tube, opt for one around 6 inches in diameter, as this will allow sufficient space for your strawberry plants. Evenly space your holes along your tube using a drill and hole cutter attachment, add your compost, and you’re good to go!

8. Strawberry Planter Ideas from Pallets

Pallets are affordable, readily available, and weatherproof (so long as they have been treated), so they’re one of the prime choices when making a DIY strawberry planter. You have many options when making a strawberry planter out of pallets – either lay them flat and fill them with soil or create a tilted planter like this design by adding a U-shaped frame.

9. Strawberry Planter Pot Painted

Rusticity is cool, but what if you’re after a more refined, finished look? Painted terracotta and ceramic pots are the go-to where refinement is concerned. If you’re super into your strawberries, you may even paint your pot with a strawberry-themed design! Red polka dots are another great design option for strawberry planters.

10. Strawberry Planter Terracotta

Terracotta is a porous material that allows air and water to move through the walls, making it the ultimate choice for housing any plant, including strawberries. Its porous nature prevents root rot and soil disease, allowing strawberry plants to “breathe” while supplying humidity and moisture. Terracotta strawberry planters sport a classic look, making them ideal for traditional, cottage or wildlife-friendly style gardens. 

11. DIY Strawberry Tower Planter

Although you won’t see tower planters in many gardens, it’s unclear why, as they have a tonne of benefits – they require less watering, aren’t as susceptible to slugs and other bugs, and save space, making them ideal for smaller gardens. Placing plastic tubs on top of one another – like in the design here – allows strawberries to cascade down the tower, creating a beautiful display of plump (and un-nibbled!) strawberries. 

12. DIY Strawberry Supports

If you’re planting your strawberries at ground level or in a low planter, you’ll need strawberry supports. Strawberry supports keep fruit off the ground, helping air circulation and minimising fruit rot. You can buy plastic supports like the ones in this design or make your own out of netting, wire, or even felt circles. Alternatively, you could add a layer of straw or plastic mulch, creating a barrier between the soil and your delicious strawberries. 

13. Portable Strawberry Planter Ideas

Big strawberry planters can get in your way, especially in small gardens. However, if your planter has wheels, you won’t have this problem! This cool strawberry planter features 6 wheels for portability. These planters also solve the problem of limited sunlight in north- or east-facing gardens, as you can shift your planter to a sunnier spot throughout the day. 

14. Large Strawberry Planter Ideas

If you’re sick of buying strawberries at around £3 a punnet, it may be time to grow your own. Strawberry plants can be a great addition to a polytunnel or big greenhouse, especially if you grow them like in this design – use plastic guttering held up by metal supports, and allow your strawberries to dangle from the ceiling! This makes for easy picking and a beautiful strawberry display. 

15. Strawberry Planter Ceramic

Plants tend to grow better in ceramic glazed pots than plastic or metal ones because they’re more efficient at absorbing moisture, ensuring your strawberry plants don’t dry out and the roots don’t rot from overwatering. Plus, ceramic pots have the added benefit of being highly decorative – just take this strawberry-themed hanging planter here! They’ve even got creative with air and drainage holes, bringing a unique look that mimics the appearance of strawberry seeds. 

16. Stackable Strawberry Pot Planters

If DIY isn’t for you, don’t worry. You can still make the most of all the benefits of stackable strawberry planters – just buy one of these ready-made planters! It features multiple joined pots ideal for stuffing strawberry plants into. It also creates an eye-catching, layered design while saving space in the process. You can buy these in a range of colours and shapes, making them the ideal choice for your garden, whatever its style!

17. Plastic Barrel Strawberry Planter DIY

If you’d choose functionality over style every time, give this DIY strawberry planter a go. You can use these lightweight, durable planters in a variety of settings, including patios, balconies, and home gardens. Their large volume means they can house a substantial amount of soil and water, as well as a satisfactory number of strawberry plants! If you wish, you could even add a DIY watering system to your plastic barrels. 

18. Fence Post Vertical Strawberry Tower

Fence post vertical strawberry planters are a creative and efficient way to grow your strawberry plants in small spaces. You can make these towers by attaching pots to a fence post or by cutting holes into an existing fence post. This method allows you to easily maintain, care for, and access your strawberries, which is perfect for those with limited garden space.

19. Shoe Organiser Hanging Strawberry Planter

This strawberry planter idea involves repurposing a shoe organiser, hanging it outside from a wall, fence, or metal structure (like in the design below), and filling the small pockets with strawberry plants and soil. This planter idea maximises your garden’s vertical space and adds a nice decorative touch to any garden with a unique style. 

20. Self-Watering Strawberry Planter Ideas

Self-watering strawberry planters are a low-maintenance way to grow strawberries at home. They have a built-in watering system, which gives your strawberry plants access to water without needing you to water them yourself. This is incredibly convenient if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to keep up with regular watering. You could make your own self-watering strawberry planter using plastic, clay, or wooden pots and planters. Just cut out a hole in your pot and insert a hose (with a timer!). 

21. DIY Strawberry Pyramid Planter

DIY strawberry pyramid planters are usually made from wood and allow you to grow strawberries in a vertical, tiered configuration. You can customise the style to suit your garden layout and space restraints. To make a pyramid planter, cut and assemble the wood into a pyramid shape, then fill it with soil and strawberry plants. 

22. Grow Bags Strawberry Planter Ideas

Grow bags are made from a highly porous material (usually coir or fabric), which helps give your strawberry plants adequate moisture, airflow, and drainage. Grow bags are also a great option for gardens with limited sunlight as they’re portable and lightweight, so you can move them around the garden to ensure your plants get the necessary amount of sunlight. 

23. Strawberry Planter Jar

Strawberry planter jars are a fun, innovative way to grow strawberries at home, especially if you have lots of patio space for pots. When it comes to planter jars, you have so many options – you can personalise them to suit your personal preferences and hang or place them wherever you want!  Mason jars and pickle jars give a bespoke vintage look and add a decorative twist to your garden design. 

24. Strawberry Pyramid Planter

Strawberry pyramid planters, typically made from plastic or wood, have multiple levels, which enables you to grow more strawberries in a smaller spot. Pyramid planters are kind on the back, as they don’t require so much bending to pick your strawberries, and they’re easy peasy to maintain, as they keep all your plants in a tight space. You could choose a plastic pyramid with a built-in watering system or a wooden pyramid planter with a trellis – the choice is all yours!

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25. Obelisk for Climbing Strawberry Varieties

An obelisk is a garden structure shaped like a tall, thin pyramid that provides support for climbing plant varieties. Strawberries have long, trailing vines, so obelisks are a foolproof solution to train them while maximising your garden’s vertical space. You can buy an obelisk in any garden centre or create one out of bamboo and string. 

26. Hanging Handbag Strawberry Planter

If you thought the strawberry planter ideas couldn’t get any weirder or wackier, think again! This unique wicker and leather handbag makes the perfect hanging strawberry planter. Reusing old items like this in your garden doesn’t only reduce your carbon footprint, but its unusuality also catches the eye of anyone walking by. Just hook your old wicker or leather handbags onto posts above your beds and borders to add an element of verticality to your garden design.  

27. Strawberry Planter With Sprinkler

Building a sprinkler into your strawberry planter will take a little initial effort but will save you hours of watering in the long run. This type of strawberry planter is one of the best options for people who want to grow strawberries but don’t have much time on their hands. The in-built sprinkler system will ensure your strawberries get adequate water, improving their growth and productivity. 

28. Tiered Strawberry Planter Ideas

You can use a tiered strawberry planter to grow many strawberry plants in a smaller area and add an exciting element of height to your garden design. When it comes to tiered planters, you could create a wooden ladder planter, a stacked barrel or bucket system, or a pyramid-shaped planter. The best materials for the job are weatherproof plastic, treated wood, and galvanised metal!

29. Strawberry Planters Out of Bricks

Brick strawberry planters are highly versatile, as you can design them in any shape, size, or style, depending on your specific garden. To keep things cheap, you could use leftover bricks lying around your garden, or you could get a specific look by carefully choosing bricks to mimic the style of your garden. For example, a white or black brick may provide a stand-out display in a contemporary garden, while traditional red bricks would work well in a cottage-style space. 

30. Picnic Basket Hanging Strawberry Planter

A picnic basket hanging strawberry planter is an innovative way to suspend your strawberries in a vertical configuration. You could hang your picnic basket from a railing, wall, or other support using chains or ropes. This style of strawberry planter works well for cottage and wildlife-friendly gardens, as it offers a rustic focal point. 

31. Rain Gutter Strawberry Planter Ideas

If you thought rain gutters were just for the side of your house, you’re badly mistaken! Rain gutters make an exemplary planter for your strawberry plants and are easy to install yourself! You could hang short sections of guttering along a wall or fence or mount long sections on stands. This idea is unique and alluring and can make watering your strawberry plants easy peasy!

32. Laundry Basket Strawberry Planter

Think your laundry basket has seen better days? Think again! These plastic shells, perforated with small, circular holes, provide the ultimate home for strawberry plants to poke their heads out while keeping their roots warm and cosy. Using a laundry basket as a strawberry planter allows for easy picking and reduces your carbon footprint by reusing old materials. 

33. Grow Strawberries in a Hanging Basket Planter

Traditional strawberry planting methods are classic for a reason. Hanging baskets are a well-known planter option for strawberry plants, as they keep them suspended, allowing the fruit to trail down just within arm’s reach. What’s great about hanging baskets is their variation – there’s a hanging basket to suit every garden style!

34. Tin Can Strawberry Planters

Tin can strawberry planters are a creative and environmentally-friendly option for growing strawberries. They’re also budget-friendly, easy to use, and add a rustic touch to your outdoor space. To use a tin can strawberry planter, you will need to clean and prep the cans, drill holes in the bottom for drainage, and fill them with soil and plants.

35. Grow Your Strawberries in Hay Bales

Hay is an excellent eco-friendly, biodegradable growing medium for strawberries. To grow your strawberry planters in hay, gather a supply of fresh hay bales and prepare them by soaking them in water and allowing them to decompose for a few weeks. Once the hay bales are ready, you can plant your strawberry plants in them, leaving enough space between them to grow. When stored in a cool, dry place, hay can also preserve picked strawberries!

36. Shopping Bag Holder cum Strawberry Planter

Shopping bag holders such as this make awesome strawberry planters as they already have an in-build hole to hook them onto a post, wall, or fence, as well as various holes to stuff soil and strawberry plants into. The bag holder’s holes allow for drainage and adequate airflow and make it easy to pluck the fruit straight off the plant. 

37. Breeze Block Strawberry Planter

Breeze blocks are a cheap, easily accessible material that can suit even the tightest budgets. Start by stacking the blocks to create a square or rectangle, leaving openings for drainage. Fill the inside of the blocks with soil and plant your strawberries. Water the plants and place the planter in a sunny location. As the strawberries grow, they will spill out of the openings in the blocks, creating a visually appealing and practical planter.

38. Strawberry Planter Made of Plastic Bottles

Making strawberry planters out of bottles is easy and only requires a few items – several clean, dry bottles, scissors, soil, and strawberry plants. You can cut the bottoms off the bottles and stack them together or cut out a half-oval-shaped hole and pop a strawberry plant inside, like in this design. The bottles will allow for drainage and help retain moisture in the soil.

39. Whiskey Barrel Strawberry Planter

Whiskey barrels sport a unique, rustic appearance and sturdy design that will stand the test of time. This is an eco-friendly choice, as you’ll be reducing waste and reusing materials, and one that will add appeal to any garden design. Adding drainage holes at the barrel’s base will prevent waterlogging and promote healthy strawberry plant growth.

40. Teacup Strawberry Planter Ideas

If you’re short on space, this idea may be the one for you. The small size of the teacups makes them superb for growing strawberries on a windowsill or small balcony. Adding a saucer to the base can reduce the plant’s watering requirements, but take care not to waterlog the roots. Choose a teacup with a contrasting, vibrant design to add a touch of charm and whimsy to your garden. 

41. Hanging Colander Strawberry Planter

Colanders aren’t just for the kitchen, my friend. Their practical design and versatility make them perfect for growing strawberries in small gardens. As the strawberries grow, they will spill out of the colander, making this planter visually appealing and practical, as you can hang it in various locations.

42. Strawberry Planter Ideas DIY – Onion Bag

You can’t get much more accessible than onion bags – they’re available in every supermarket! The design lends itself to being suspended, as the top can be attached to a hook or tied with string, and the holes optimise drainage and airflow. Rather than placing soil straight into this bag, you may need to layer it with a grow bag, as the soil would likely fall through the gaps!

43. Tire Strawberry Planter

Old tires are a really cool material to use as a strawberry planter because they’re durable and come in various sizes, so you can stack them on top of one another. Tire material can withstand freezing temperatures and won’t give in under heavy wind and rain, so tire planter are an awesome choice for UK gardens. 

44. Chicken Wire Cage Strawberry Tower

A chicken wire cage strawberry planter is a vertical tower planter that makes good use of space and allows you to pick the fruit with ease! Having the plants elevated off the ground will prevent snails and other bugs from getting at the sweet, juicy fruit, increasing the number of strawberries you can enjoy! Chicken wire cage strawberry towers are practical and an attractive choice for growing strawberries. 


45. Vertical Pallet Wood Strawberry Planter

You can make your own vertical pallet wood strawberry planter by acquiring two pallets – you’ll be using one for the planter, then removing three planks from the other to add bases, as they have done in this design. The pallet’s wooden material provides a natural and rustic look, and you can easily mount it to a wall, saving you space and back strain!

46. Chest of Drawers Strawberry Planter

Got an old chest of drawers lying around in your shed or garage? Old furniture pieces like these make ideal strawberry planters, as their drawers provide ample space for your plants to grow, and their size and shape make them suitable for multiple spaces, including a porch, patio, or garden. 

47. Wheelbarrow Strawberry Planter Ideas

Transforming your old wheelbarrow into a functional and aesthetically-pleasing strawberry planter is easy, requiring just a few simple steps. Fill the wheelbarrow with soil and plant your strawberries in the soil, spacing them out evenly. Water the plants and place the wheelbarrow in a sunny location. 

48. Fence Board Strawberry Planter

Want a strawberry planter that takes up next to no space and slots right into your garden design? Then try a fence board strawberry planter! The fence boards’ size and shape make them an excellent choice for a strawberry planter, as they can be easily attached to a fence or wall. The planter’s rustic, natural appearance adds charm and character to any garden. 

49. Repurposed Welded Mesh Strawberry Planter

We commonly see welded mesh used for fencing, safety covers for drains, and reinforcing concrete. However, when left outside for long periods, welded mesh can form an interesting, rusty look that perfectly suits a more traditional-style, eclectic garden. What’s more, if you have the right-sized gap between two sheets of welded mesh, you can slot terracotta pots inside, just as they’ve done here!

50. Spice Rack Strawberry Planter

Got a spare spice rack hanging around? Why not reuse it for your strawberry container garden? Even if you don’t have one to hand, these are easy to pick up at any homeware shop for cheap. These planters save space and make it easy to pluck the fruit right off the plant. They also keep your juicy strawberries out of reach of hungry critters. Simply attach your spice rack to the side of your house or fence. 

What Will You Pick?

From classic planters like hanging baskets and raised beds to innovative, wacky ideas like a spice rack and handbag planters, we’ve explored 50 strawberry planter ideas to suit any garden size, style, and budget. So, what will you pick? Other than strawberries, of course!