Houseplant Pairings for The 12 Signs of the Zodiac

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houseplant pairing for zodiac signs

It may seem surprising that every Zodiac sign has a perfect plant to help you find happiness, peace, tranquility, love, or the much-needed escape from everyday life.

“The various zodiac signs will resonate with different plants due to their energetic qualities” says Yoga and Astrology Teacher Emily Ridout.  

“Keep in mind that your purpose for having a plant may affect which sign you want to use” Emily continues. “Want to feel comforted? Use the moon sign. Want a plant for aesthetics? Use the Venus sign. Want to feel more like yourself? Use the Sun sign or Rising sign.”

“Plants are just an amazing way to decorate your home and make it comfier” says Ivana Naskova, astrologer at the Nebula app. According to Ivana “they make your home warmer but they also vibrate and can help you lower the negative energy, neutralize the negative traits in people’s personalities and so much more.”

This article provides a guide to choosing your ideal green roommate based on your zodiac sign, and plenty of gift ideas for the people you love!


“Aries are natural born trailblazers, ready to excel in all of life’s avenues” remarks astrologer Evan Lionhart. “With Mars as their ruling planet, the Rams possess a firey determination set to seize the day. Having houseplants as bold and tough as they are only makes sense!” 

“Aries doesn’t have much time or patience” adds Ivana, so they also need plants that are low maintenance. 

Zebra Cactus


Haworthia fasciata, also called the Zebra Cactus, is a small but bold succulent that reaches up to 5 to 8 inches in height. The thick, dark green leaves have white stripes, hence the Zebra. It may be a small plant but its leaves are tough as nails. 

The Zebra Cactus “may be a small plant” Ivana adds, “but its leaves are tough as nails. You need to grow it in a bright spot of the home, and water it once the soil is dry from the previous watering. Aries love it as it is unique, not fragile but strong like them, and it requires minimal attention. It also helps wake up the energy in them.”



According to psychic advisor Phoenix Knor’malle, Bromeliads “have a ‘fiery’ appearance that takes on its own flair”. Bromeliads are tropical houseplants, yet they prefers moist soils. Bromeliads “stand upright with a red center that demands attention and appears to ‘take the lead’.”


“This Zodiac sign is the forever dreamer and in love with beautiful things” says Ivana. “They are the most sensitive and emotional people, so you won’t be that surprised if you find them taking care of their plants with the deepest devotion and love.” 

“Dreamy and gentle, Pisces favor what stimulates the imagination” adds Evan. “Jupiter’s expansive energy expressed through the Fishes makes for some of the sweetest people to be around.” 



“Since they love being relaxed and always surrounded by beauty in their home, the Jasmine plant is the ideal choice for this sign” comments Ivana. Delicate and elegant with small flowers, jasmine is known around the world for its unique tropical smell and pretty blossoms. 

According to Ivana “the best thing is that they are not particularly hard to care for, just water it once a week and give them access to sunlight.” Jasmine is a perfect plant for the highly empathic, compassionate, and sensitive Pisces. 

African Violet


According to Phoenix, “African Violet is the perfect personification of Pisces as it’s a water-loving plant with dark leaves, reflecting the deep emotional nature of this zodiac sign.” Grow these flowers in small pots, and water when the soil feels less moist to the touch. Never let growing African violets stand in water or completely dry out.


According to Evan, “Aquarians strive for efficiency and individuality. These water-bearers often go against the flow, favoring the unusual over popular appeal. Embodying the lighter side of Saturn, these folks tend to be drawn to plants that are efficient, eye-catching or both.” 

Ivana adds that “this zodiac sign simply must have a trendy and popular plant choice in their home.” 

ZZ plant


According to social media, the ZZ Plant is one of the most popular and “influential” at the moment, so it’s a perfect choice for these friendly and social signs. “Just make sure to keep it away from your pets and always wash your hands after handling it to avoid skin irritation” says Ivana. 

Staghorn Fern


According to Emily the Staghorn Fern is a “unique plant” that “grows through the moisture in the air.” This makes it “perfect for the air sign Aquarius (the water-bearer) whose unique energy has the mental quality that draws water and nourishment from the airy traits of the mind.”


“Capricorns are notorious for overcoming the toughest of odds” says Evan. “With Saturn on their side, these sea-goats can thrive in conditions unbearable for most.” 

According to Ivana “Capricorns can be stubborn like no other Zodiac sign. They don’t like to rush in life, so they do everything gradually and lead a steady life.” With a main focus of financial stability, the Capricorn can be quite money motivated. 

The Money Plant


A great match for the Capricorn would be the Pilea Peperomioides, most commonly known as the Money Plant. This eye-catching green beauty has become one of the most loved plants around the world. According to Ivana “it is not complicated to take care of it, as all you need is a big bright window and to water it once a week.” The origins of the plant come from Southwest China and it is believed to bring good luck, money, and fortune to its owner. Because of its large, circular leaves that look like coins, it is referred to as the Money Plant, and good fortune is the perfect representation for the Capricorn.

Jade Plant


The Jade Plant is an “understated plant” that “grows slowly with time” says Emily. Steady Capricorn energy will appreciate this plant, as “they are rich and yet not flashy, just like Capricorn.” 

According to Bryan McKenzie, landscape designer with a passion for astrology, the Jade plant “can reach up to 5 feet over the years, which represents the outstanding patience of the sign and their will to achieve something great no matter how long it takes.”


According to Ivana Sagittarians “simply love adventure and the freedom of life.” “Sagittarians exude confidence and carry a bright disposition” adds Evan. “Ruled by Jupiter, they enjoy seeing life from the widest vantage point possible. Ever in search of the bigger picture, plants with an ostentatious appearance or spiritual connotation make good partners for the Archers.” 

Bonsai tree


“The Bonsai tree is perfect for the home of a Sagittarius” says Ivana, as “this plant carries ancient world wisdom within itself.” Of all the trees you can grow indoors, “the most popular, and the easiest to care for, is the Ficus Bonsai” adds Ivana. “The Ficus is quite receptive to low humidity and is very resilient, which makes it an excellent choice for the easy-going Sagittarius.”

Spider Plant


“The spider plant spreads its leaves outwards all around it, as if to be ‘exploring’ its surroundings” says Phoenix. “This quality emulates the curiosity and exploration that Sagittarius is known for.” Cacti are easy to care for and “appear to ‘reach out’ (or up) towards something new and exciting.” As the Spider Plant doesn’t require much care or watering, it makes an ideal companion for the adventurous Sagittarius.


According to Ivana, Scorpios “love danger and the dark, mysterious side of life” and “keep their emotions hidden deep inside.” 

Evan adds that “there’s something truly magnetic about Scorpios. With Mars as their ruling planet, they hold some of the most probing minds of all the signs. Plants that not only captivate, but lure will surely appeal to just about any Scorpion.”

Ming Thing Cactus


The Ming Thing Cactus “goes perfectly with the mystic side of Scorpio” says Ivana, and “requires very little care”. “An interesting fact about this blue-green columnar cactus from Bolivia and Argentina” Ivana adds, “is that it increases the sexual power and energy of the Scorpio”. You can keep it in a dark place as it needs even less sun than most cactus plants. According to Ivana “you only need to water it every 2 to 4 weeks and only when the soil is dry.” 

Blue Pearl Sedum


The Blue Pearl Sedum is dark and mysterious, the perfect match for the Scorpio. This plant “requires occasional deep watering, although it does well with little water in between” Phoenix comments. “This quality emulates the deep emotional tides that Scorpio goes through, all while appearing reserved and stable on the surface.”


“Harmony and grace are qualities often aligned with Libra” says Evan. Libra’s ruling planet Venus “gives them an eye for all things beautiful, making them excellent designers. Flowers or foliage that catch the eye or delight the nose make perfect plants for Libra.”

This Zodiac sign needs balance to function properly and live their best life. “Libras are known for their great taste for elegance and modesty” adds Ivana. 



According to Ivana, “Pothos is the ideal choice for this Zodiac sign as it can be kept in a hanging basket and it looks elegant, sophisticated and relaxing around the home. It is an easy-to-grow foliage plant that works well indoors and can survive in darker, low-light interiors or more sunny ones. 

“The one thing about Libra is that they want to ensure that their family is safe and protected” adds Ivana, “so knowing that pothos can purify the air inside their home, absorbing and removing certain chemicals and toxins is why this plant is the number one choice.”

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Aloe Vera


According to Phoenix, “Aloe Vera is a helpful plant to have on hand, with many beneficial applications. It is simple, easy to care for and spunky, making a great addition to this zodiac sign.” Thanks to its soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties there’s no denying Aloe Vera knows how to care for its owners in times of need, just like the caring, helpful Libra.


“Virgo thrives wherever precision and patience are required” says Evan. “Ruled by Mercury, they are a sign that selflessly shares their time, possessing an unmatched eye for detail. Houseplants that call for delicate care may just be what Virgo needs.”

Lemon tree


The happy yellow lemon tree is the perfect match for Virgo’s energy and liveliness. According to Ivana “a lemon tree is a great way to bring some colour into their home and at the same time keep the tidiness and neatness that is so important for these signs.” Simply place the whole thing inside a decorative nursery pot of your choosing. The lemon tree “requires relatively little care” Ivana adds, “just remember this is a sun-loving plant, so it won’t enjoy being out on the balcony on cold winter days!” 

Prayer Plant


Given that Virgos thrive within strict parameters, the Prayer Plant is a perfect match. According to Bryan the Prayer Plant “requires the owner to follow several strict rules.” Bryan adds “at the same time, they are not difficult to take care of at all.” The Prayer Plant graces its owner with a unique look and the ability to fold its leaves at night, which looks like praying. “This feature represents the Virgo’s regular willingness to stay on their own and think.”


“Leo is a radiant, energetic sign that loves the attention” says Ivana. “They don’t mind warming themselves in the rays of glory so their plants must have beautiful or extraordinary flowers.”

“Where Leo is found, there’s bound to be excitement” adds Evan. “These colorful individuals are known for living large, embodying the Sun’s energy through their dynamism and warmth. So it should be no surprise that sun-loving plants appeal to these lovely Lions.”

Calla Lily


The Calla Lily, available in a stunning range of colours, is an extraordinary flower and just perfect for this Zodiac Sign. According to Ivana “all you need is a sunny window and to keep them watered and fertilized. Like Leo, Calla loves the Sun and can direct the powerful energy of the Leo towards discovering creative potential and increasing public status, which is the dream of this sign.”

Yellow dahlias


With their Sun-like array, these plants are sure to please any Leo and invite warmth into the home. According to Evan these flowers require “ample light to look their best” and are “better suited to east-facing windows”. Make sure to give these sunny flowers plenty of light, watering them regularly but allowing the soil to become mostly dry in between watering. 


“Reserved and sensitive, Cancers are known to be highly intuitive” says Evan. “With the Moon guiding their internal ebb and flow, the Crabs can experience wide ranges of emotion, sometimes all at once. When this happens it’s vital for them to decompress, and Cancer’s natural element of water helps them do just that.”

Lucky Bamboo


Water sign Cancer is an excellent partner for a houseplant that thrives in standing water. According to Jennifer Foster, astrology expert and coach, “this is a well-known feng shui power plant for bringing a tranquil and smart aura into your house, as well as attracting luck, good health and greater love. Grow in bright indirect light and replace the water every two weeks if planted in water. Additionally, you may grow lucky bamboo in soil provided the soil is kept constantly wet. This houseplant may eventually reach a height of three feet.” 

Peace Lily


Peace Lily is a gorgeous plant that is serene, soft, gentle and perfect for the Cancer sign. According to Phoenix the Peace Lily “is a water-loving plant which speaks to the compassionate nature of Cancer.” Peace Lilies enjoy medium to low light and are excellent at cleaning the air of the room.


According to Evan, Geminis are “known for their adaptability” and “know how to be everywhere at once.” “With Mercury as their parent planet, the Twins prefer to reach out and touch the world rather than simply remain in one place” Evan continues.  

Ivana adds that “these free spirited people love their freedom the most and need to surround themselves with a reminder of that.” 



According to Ivana “the perfect plant for the Gemini’s home is the Fern.” “Gemini will do well with this plant” Ivana continues, “as Ferns are extremely forgiving and have an incredibly strong survival instinct, just like the Gemini. These plants will grow where other plants fail to thrive, simply keep it in the cooler parts of the home and avoid direct sunlight. Since Geminis can be overthinkers, this plant helps them calm their energy and their mind.”



According to Bryan “Geminis are flexible and can feel great in virtually any environment or situation.” Succulents represent the “endless optimism of people born under this sign” and thanks to its low maintenance nature, it can definitely survive if forgotten by the Gemini during its adventures.


“Steady and reliable, to know a Taurus is a joy and a comfort” remarks Evan. “Though they work hard, these Bulls are ruled by Venus and so they make time to enjoy life. Because of their unyielding patience and appreciation for beauty, plants that require lots of love will do well with them.” 

“This Zodiac sign despises having a home plant that everyone else has” adds Ivana. “So the choice has to be rare, extravagant, or expensive, but also something small that won’t take over space and can definitely survive most conditions.” 

Spanish Jasmine


The Spanish Jasmine is an ideal plant choice for the Taurus as it assists with health, improves performance and seduces with its beauty. According to Ivana “it can grow 6 – 13 feet tall and it is quite easy to care for, just put it in a bright room and water it once a week. If it is unusually dry or hot, increase the frequency, but let the soil dry out in between.” 

Fiddle Leaf Fig


According to Bryan “this trendy-looking plant represents the stubbornness and high demands of the Taurus sign.” “The Fiddle Leaf Fig won’t grow unless it receives all the essential care” Bryan adds, but “Tauruses will love to take care of this plant to achieve its super-stylish look.”

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