In this guide we’ll take a look at the best conservatory heaters for the UK market.
I’ve compared power, energy efficiency, design and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

Conservatory Heater Buying Guide

A conservatory is a wonderful place to relax in summer helping to bridge the gap between your home and the natural outdoor environment. A conservatory is especially wonderful when filled with all the exotic plants that just can’t survive a British winter.

However, in the winter months, your conservatory may get less use. It can become cold and bleak and a place to avoid. What a waste! What’s more, your wonderful plants may suffer and die as the temperature plummets.

Luckily, there a range of conservatory heating solutions that can help you keep a relaxing, tropical feeling space all year round. And, let’s face it, having somewhere warm and beautiful to retreat to is even more important through the cold, grey days of a British winter.

So, keep your conservatory warm and inviting by investing in a conservatory heater. This will allow you to enjoy your conservatory or garden room all year round.

When choosing a heater, consider the size of unit you will need to heat the space you have. A very large conservatory will, of course, take more heating than a small space.

Consider how you will use your heater. If you just need an occasional boost of heat to allow you to use your conservatory in winter than any type of unit will do. However, if you need the room to be kept at a certain temperature at certain times, then choose one with a timer. If you have delicate plants, you should choose a model with a frost-free setting to make sure the temperature never goes below zero.

In general, a unit with a thermostat is more convenient and energy efficient if the unit is to be used for long periods.

If you have young children or pets, consider a wall mounted option that can be installed safely out of harm’s way. Alternatively, ensure your heater does not get too hot to the touch and has an anti-tip mechanism or safety cut out switch.


What is the cheapest type of electric conservatory heater to run?

This will depend on your usage. However, in general, the cheapest portable electric heaters are oil fired or oil free panel radiators and halogen or infrared heaters. Bar fires and fan heaters tend to be more expensive to use in the long run.

Is it safe to use portable heaters around children and pets?

Electric heaters are very safe as long as you follow certain precautions. If you have young children around you might want to choose a wall mounted panel. Alternatively, you could use a ceramic fan heater or oil free panel that is positioned out or of their reach. Electric heaters have a variety of safety mechanisms including anti tip mechanisms, cut out switches to avoid overheating and cut out switches that are activated if the unit is tipped over.  Always ensure you check the safety guidelines of the heater you choose as each will have different safety requirements.