4 Best Conservatory Heaters to Keep You Warm! (2021 Review)

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The best conservatory heater should be sleek, powerful and cost-effective.

Whether it’s a modern wall-mounted heater, or a handy portable one you’re looking for, we’ve done the leg-work. 

We’ve significantly researched the best heaters to help you decide which is right for your conservatory. 

Read on to find out more about our recommendations…

The Best Conservatory Heaters Are...

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DIY Garden is reader-supported. If you click through using links on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Wärme Designer Electric Conservatory HeaterWärme Designer Electric Conservatory Heater

Best wall panel heater

Heating Power
Value for Money

Wärme Designer Electric Conservatory Heater Review


  • Heat Output: 2 kW
  • Type of Heater: Panel Heater
  • Max. Power: 2000 W
  • No. of Heat Settings: Adjustable
  • Built in Thermostat: Yes
  • Weight: 9.3 kg

If modern design is your thing, and you’re in the market for a stylish and energy-efficient way to heat your conservatory, you might love the Wärme Flat Screen Wall Mounted Conservatory Heater.

It looks extremely stylish, slightly resembling a flat screen TV at a first glance. It’s also a smart heater – with Wi-Fi accessibility. Its settings can be controlled via a mobile app!

So, if you’re a fan of all things technological, this is the best conservatory heater for you.

This electric heater uses convection technology and has a programmable digital thermostat. It has a standard range of 15 – 35 degrees Celsius.

If you have kids or pets, you’d be understandably concerned about their safety around a conservatory heater. This Wärme product can be hung up on your wall, out of reach of little hands and wet noses. This feature really sets this product apart from the others on my list.

I would recommend utilising this wall mounting feature if you do have children, as the front facing panel gets extremely hot. This would obviously be a danger to energetic pets and chaotic kids.

It has 2kW of output, which can heat an area of 22m². You can set it to instant-heat mode when you need an immediate heat-boost on those extra chilly days, or you can program a schedule of a daily cycle. Using these settings will help you to be more economical.

There are built-in sensors to stop overheating and it has a waterproof casing. This makes it suitable for placement in the kitchen or bathroom.

Overall, the radiator measures 47 x 82cm and is super slim at only 8cm deep. As a result, it weighs a mere 9.3kg and is therefore easy to move. It comes with a wall bracket, but before you put it up make sure there’s an electrical socket within reach!

With an advanced system like this one, the set up process can be complicated. So, it might not be user-friendly if one is somewhat technophobic.

There will also be some clunky noises when the device is cooling or switching on, which is quite normal for heaters.


  • Automatic shut off saves electricity - turning off when the room reaches desired temperature
  • The design is premium, stylish and modern
  • Very efficient and quick to heat up
  • Very easy to control using the smartphone app
  • Option of wall mounting provides safety for kids and pets


  • The heater doesn't save your previous settings - you’ll need to reset it each time
  • The operational control panel system is very complicated and not particularly user friendly
  • Noisy to heat and cool down
  • Included manual is complicated - making set up even harder
  • Doesn't have a frost prevention setting

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Pro Breeze® 2000W Mini Ceramic Conservatory HeaterPro Breeze® 2000W Mini Ceramic Conservatory Heater

Best ceramic fan heater

Heating Power
Value for Money

Pro Breeze® 2000W Mini Ceramic Conservatory Heater Review


  • Heat Output: 2 kW
  • Type of Heater: Ceramic Fan Heater
  • Max. Power: 2000 W
  • No. of Heat Settings: 2
  • Built in Thermostat: Yes
  • Weight: 1.75 kg

You might remember the days of gas-fuelled heaters, taking up lots of room and being a hefty weight to move around. In contrast, new electric heaters can be very compact but just as effective.

Measuring only 18.5 x 15.5 x 26cm, this next conservatory heater is ideal for small spaces: it’s the Pro-Breeze 2000W Ceramic Fan! It would sit perfectly under the conservatory table or in front of your chilly toes.

It’s really easy to move around, thanks to its ergonomic carry handle, so you can use it anywhere with an electrical socket nearby.

This is the only convection fan heater on my list, blowing warm air around the room for a thoroughly heated space. Heating up quickly, its ceramic heating elements are lots more efficient than standard fan heaters.

This little heater has two power settings to make it more energy-conscious, 2000W and 1200W. You can choose between a powerful heat boost, or a steady flow of warmth.

The easy-to-use adjustable thermostat helps maintain a steady temperature. Plus, it has a safety feature which stops it from overheating, as well as an ‘anti-tip’ switch, where the heater will turn off if it gets knocked.

This little guy is small but mighty so be careful not to place it near materials that would melt, as this may release toxic fumes or start a fire.

Compared to some of the more complicated electric heaters on the market, this one’s designed to be easy-to-use by even the biggest technophobes. However, this does mean there are no timer control settings.


  • A great option for smaller conservatories thanks to its compact size
  • Produces heat instantly and quickly heats up the room
  • Useful tilt and oscillating mechanisms
  • Safety cut out ensures it’ll turn off if the unit is tipped over or lifted


  • Fairly noisy so may disturb you if you’re working or sleeping, especially on the oscillating setting
  • Will struggle to heat large conservatories
  • Some users have reported the plug starting to feel hot
  • Although compact, the design isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as others on the market

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Duronic HV102 Electric Conservatory HeaterDuronic HV102 Electric Conservatory Heater

Best portable panel heater

Heating Power
Value for Money

Duronic HV102 Electric Conservatory Heater Review


  • Heat Output: 2.5 kW
  • Type of Heater: Mica Panel Heater
  • Max. Power: 2500 W
  • No. of Heat Settings: 2
  • Built in Thermostat: Yes
  • Weight: 5 kg

As this electric convection heater acts as a dehumidifier, it can be a brilliant help to those struggling with damp and mould… It’s the Duronic HV102 Electric Conservatory Heater!

This a great option for heating your conservatory, with all the basic features you’d want from this kind of product. It doesn’t have to be limited to your conservatory, as it’s easy to move around on its slick black wheels.

Impressively, it can heat to full capacity in only one minute, so you won’t have to wait long to feel its warmth – very handy in winter when you step into an ice-cold conservatory!

It’s also got a useful built-in thermostat, so you can have more control over its exact temperature. Choose between its 2.5kW and 1.5kW power settings, depending on how intensely you want it to heat.

This heater is equipped to stop itself from overheating and as a result, it can be really energy efficient.

It will also turn itself off if it’s been tipped over, which is a good feature to have in terms of safety.

It looks really sleek and modern, but its plastic construction prevents it from looking premium.

This heater doesn’t have timer settings, so you won’t be able to personalise a daily schedule like you can with central heating, and like some other conservatory heaters. Bear this in mind when choosing from the range out there, as this one might not be the best conservatory heater for you.


  • Very easy to assemble - simply clip the front and rear wheels into place
  • Heats very quickly on the highest setting
  • Very lightweight so easy to move from room to room
  • Low running costs
  • Won't overheat


  • The display isn’t particularly bright or clear
  • There is a lot of plastic used in this heater’s construction which gives it a less premium feel then others on the market
  • The power cord is just 1.8m long so you may not be able to have your heater in the middle of the conservatory
  • Timer cannot be used to turn on heater at a certain time

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Dimplex CDE3ECC 3KW Conservatory RadiatorDimplex CDE3ECC 3KW Conservatory Radiator

Best oil free radiator

Heating Power
Value for Money

Dimplex CDE3ECC 3KW Conservatory Radiator Review


  • Heat Output: 3 kW
  • Type of Heater: Oil Free Radiator
  • Max. Power: 3000 W
  • No. of Heat Settings: 2
  • Built in Thermostat: Yes
  • Weight: 11.1 kg

Conservatory heaters aren’t just for winter. Some are so adjustable, that they can provide that small amount of warmth you need in the spring and autumn, without carrying a big electricity bill.

The best adjustable conservatory heater is the Dimplex CDE3ECC 3KW. It has two panels, one on each side, that you can switch on independently or simultaneously.

Switch on both sides for loads of heat, or just one if you want to warm your toes. Even if you only use one side, it still produces a satisfying amount of warmth in autumn and spring.

Another great feature is the electronic climate control system. This enables you to turn the heat up or down in one-degree increments from 5 – 35 degrees Celsius. This wide range will enable you to keep frost at bay, without using lots of unnecessary heat.

This convection heater produces 3kW of heat and once you’ve figured out the right temperature for your home, you can set the memory and the heater will remember it for next time.

The heater is programmable in other ways too. It has a 24-hour timer which can be easily set using the backlit LCD display. Set it to warm your conservatory as you make a cuppa and then enjoy toasty warmth on your return!

This feature should be used with caution though, as it isn’t endorsed to leave your heater unattended for long periods of time. So, I wouldn’t recommend turning it on and taking the dog for a walk and certainly not leaving it on overnight.

The Cadiz has a remote, so you don’t even have to get out of your chair to turn the heat up or down!

This conservatory heater is easily portable, although I wouldn’t want to move it around when it was hot.

It’s also not very noisy, whilst lots of heaters are, so it won’t take away from your peaceful evening.

Dimplex claims that their heater is 10% more efficient than an oil-filled radiator and warms up 30% faster. Their heater is also very cost efficient, unless set over 25 degrees Celsius. But usually, you wouldn’t need to set your heater above 23 degrees, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Whilst perhaps not as stylish as some of the other heaters, this is an easy-to-use option from a reputable brand that will heat your conservatory in a way that suits you!


  • Extremely quiet - just a small click when it turns on and off
  • Heats even large rooms very quickly
  • Timer means you can have the conservatory warm ready for when you get home
  • If being used near a wall, you can specify which side the heat comes out of


  • The power cable is at the front of the unit with the LCD display, meaning the display will be hidden from view
  • Not particularly stylish, with a obtrusive and bulky design
  • The carry handle is very small and awkwardly shaped
  • Quite expensive to run
  • Some users have reported this heater discolouring over time

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How to Choose The Best Conservatory Heater

A conservatory is a wonderful place to relax in summer, bridging the gap between your home and garden.

However, in the winter months, your conservatory may get less use. It can become cold and bleak and feel like a waste. What’s more, any plants in your conservatory may die as the temperature plummets.

Luckily, there’s a range of conservatory-heating solutions that can help you keep it a comfortable space all year round. And, let’s face it, having somewhere to retreat to, that is bright, warm and beautiful, is even more important through the cold, grey days of a British winter.

So, you can keep your conservatory warm and inviting by investing in one of the best conservatory heaters.

There are lots of things to look out for, but don’t worry. The following tips will help you make an informed purchase…

The Benefits of a Conservatory Heater

Finding the best conservatory heater for you will help you get more use out of it in the colder months. You can transform the conservatory from a cold zone where no one goes, to another comfortable hang-out spot.

Heaters can also help keep the air warm in your conservatory, which may help keep any heat-loving plants you have in there happy.

Furthermore, these heaters are great to use any time you just feel like you need a little extra boost of heat alongside your central heating. The great thing about this style of heater is that you can buy one predominantly for use in your conservatory, but it will be portable enough for you to take anywhere in the house.

Most of the conservatory heaters on this list can even be temporarily used in a shed or garage.

Choosing the Right Size

If you’re looking for a heater that you can move around as you wish, make sure that it’s not too large or heavy. Most heaters are designed to be portable, so you’ll probably find it has wheels anyway. But a heavy heater might put you off using it exactly as you’d hoped.

If you only have a small amount of floor space, you should check the dimensions of the heater to make sure that it will fit well. Alternatively, you could consider a wall-mounted option like the Wärme flat screen wall mounted conservatory heater which won’t use any floor space at all!

A larger heater won’t necessarily do a more efficient job of heating your space. Generally, a 1kW convector heater will heat a room of around 14 cubic metres to a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius.

Energy Efficiency

Most heaters will have an energy efficiency rating displayed in their description. Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to find heaters with excellent energy efficiency ratings, so don’t waste your time considering a model which isn’t up there with the best.

A thermostat is a great way to improve energy efficiency. If you set the thermostat to a certain temperature, the heater will stop heating once it reaches that goal. Naturally, this saves energy as it doesn’t use more than is necessary.

Similarly, if you buy a heater with a couple of power options, you can avoid using more energy than you need. For example, the Duronic HV102 Electric Conservatory Heater lets you choose between a high and low power setting. Therefore, if you only want low-level heat, you have the option to do so instead of only being able to blast it on full power.

Different Types of Heater

There are several different types of heaters which can be used in a conservatory. There are pros and cons to each type, so it will depend on what you’re hoping to achieve.

Convection Heaters

These heaters work by warming the air in the room. As the air warms, it rises, and cooler air takes its place. As a result, the warm air is constantly moving around the room. These are a great option if you are looking to warm a whole room. This type of heater often has a thermostat which can save you money, as it avoids overheating. Here are some different types of convector heaters:

  • Fan heaters work well and push hot air around the room. They may not be as energy efficient as other heaters because not all energy is put into creating heat; some is used on expelling air. Warm air can be easily lost through open doors and draughty cracks, so it’s important to keep the area airtight if you’re trying to use a fan heater to warm the room.
  • Oil heaters are slower to heat up than fan heaters but offer steady convection heat. They will also stay warm for a while when switched off, so they continue to heat even when they’re not using any power.
  • Electric convector heaters are generally 100% energy efficient, because all of their energy is converted into a heat output. They can be relatively cheap to run and include smart settings to give you more control over your heating.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters don’t heat the air like convector heaters do, but they focus on heating the objects directly in front of them. They don’t tend to evenly heat a room. These heaters are perhaps better suited to being used for short periods of time, just to keep one person warm in a static position.

  • Halogen heaters, recognisable by their orange glow, will provide warm heat to objects directly in front of them. They are not very efficient at warming a whole room because they do not focus on heating the air.

Most of the heaters on my list are electric convection, as this type is most energy efficient and heats a whole room. This is usually preferred over heating what’s in front of the user.

Safety Considerations

Many conservatory heaters will have some safety features. The most common are overheat cut-out switches to stop them from overheating, and an anti-tip mechanism which makes them switch off if knocked over. That said, there are still some things to bear in mind when using a conservatory heater.

Don’t leave a conservatory heater on overnight – even if they have an automatic cut-off switch to avoid overheating, it’s still dangerous to leave them unattended for hours.

Be careful about nearby materials – place your heater somewhere with lots of space around it to avoid materials being melted.

If you have young children or pets, consider a wall-mounted conservatory heater that can be installed out of the way.

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Conservatory Heater FAQs

What is the cheapest type of electric conservatory heater to run?

This will depend on your usage. In general, the cheapest portable electric heaters are either oil filled radiators, oil-free panel radiators, or halogen/infrared heaters. Bar fires and fan heaters tend to be more expensive to use in the long run.

Don’t get confused with oil filled radiators vs gas fuelled: these are different. Oil filled heaters do not need to be replenished with oil so there is no recurring cost of re-buying gas cylinders.

Is it safe to use portable heaters around children and pets?

Electric heaters are very safe as long as you follow certain precautions. If you have young children around, you might want to choose a wall mounted panel heater. Alternatively, you could use a ceramic fan heater or an oil-free panel heater that is positioned out of their reach.

Electric heaters often have a variety of safety features including anti-tip mechanisms which are activated if the unit is knocked over, and cut-out switches to avoid overheating. Always ensure you check the safety guidelines of the heater you choose; each will have different safety requirements.

How can I protect my plants from frost in my freezing conservatory?

Using a heater on a low ‘frost protection’ setting can help keep temperatures above freezing in a conservatory. That said, you shouldn’t leave a heater unsupervised overnight.

As well as using a heater, you can wrap your plants in fleecing and take them away from the window ledge, as this is going to be the coldest spot in winter.

You can also use an organic material called mulch, which is placed at the base of your plant. This protects them against freezing and root damage.

Finally, you can DIY a cloche. This can be a glass jar, or a plastic bottle cut in half. Place it over the top of your plant during the night to protect it from getting too cold.

What size heater do I need for my conservatory?

The best conservatory heater for you will depend on where you want to use it. If you’re hoping to bring it from room to room, you’ll benefit from a smaller, lightweight heater. However, if you’re intending to use it in one room, you should feel free to choose whatever sized heater you like.

In terms of heat production, size is not as important as energy output. A small electric conservatory heater can still pack a big punch. So, here are some general guidelines for heating your space correctly…

As a general rule of thumb, 1kW will heat 14 cubic metres to a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius.

Bear in mind that non-electric heaters won’t produce a continuous level of heat. They do not keep a consistent energy output, varying from their maximum ability throughout the duration of being switched on. Therefore, for gas fuelled heaters to heat a room of 14 cubic metres, they must have a higher energy output than the figures above, perhaps 2 or even 3kW.

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