In this guide we’ll take a look at the best fence paints on the market.
I’ve compared colour, quality, longevity and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Fence Paints

What Is The Best Fence Paint?


Our Rating: 9.9/10

  • Lovely range of natural wood colours
  • Easy to use and less mess than other products
  • Excellent coverage of up to 10 fence panels

Our Rating: 9.7/10

  • Good range of colours
  • Covers up to 6 fence panels
  • Good value

Our Rating: 9.6/10

  • Great range or subtle and bold colours
  • Offers 4 years protection on all garden wood
  • Easy to apply

Our Rating: 9.3/10

  • Five years protection for wood
  • Nice, natural looking shades
  • Covers well and gives a rich finish

Our Rating: 9.1/10

  • Rich dark brown colour
  • 5 litre can covers a lot of fencing
  • Traditional creosote-like finish

More Detailed Fence Paint Reviews

Cuprinol LMFCRB6L 6 Litre Less Mess Fence Care – Rustic Brown

This Cuprinol fence paint is specifically formulated for rough sawn timber, making it not only suitable for fences, but also for other timber structures such as sheds and wood stores.

The product is easy to use with little dripping and mess. It can be applied with a brush or sprayer. It covers well with one coat, even on old fences that haven’t been treated for a while, and leaves a nice waxy finish.

The 6 litre can covers up to 10 fence panels making it great value for money. Most importantly, my fence looked like new after just one coat!

The paint dries quickly, and it is really easy to clean up afterwards with just some water and a little washing up liquid.

This fence care product is available in a range of natural looking colours including Woodland Green, Rustic Brown, Rich Oak, Autumn Red and Autumn Gold. I chose the Rustic Brown and, at first, I thought it was much lighter than the tin suggested. However, it dried to a rich dark brown that I am delighted with. Of course, the colour achieved may vary depending on the existing colour of your fencing.

Overall, this is the best fence paint on the market and provides a great finish with minimum mess and fuss!

Ronseal RSLOCFLDO5L One Coat Fence Life, Dark Oak, 5 Litre

This fence treatment is suitable for all rough sawn timber and comes in a range of wood colours from Ebony to Harvest Gold. I used the Dark Oak on a shed and found it covered well though the colour was a little less rich than the Cuprinol.

I found the product easy to apply with a sprayer or brush, though it is a little runnier than the Cuprinol product so splashed a bit more.

I chose the Dark Oak shade as my shed was already quite dark. I would recommend that you choose a shade the same or darker than your existing fence colour for best results. The tub contains enough to cover 6 fence panels with one coat.

This Ronseal Fence paint is easy to apply and gives a good finish that will last quite some time. If you are looking for the best fence paint for the money, this 5 litre fence paint might be just what you’re looking for.

Johnstone’s 1 Litre Garden Colours Paint – Bold Plum

If you’re are looking for something a bit brighter to jazz up your garden, this Johnstone paint comes in a great range of stylish colours from subtle blues to bright pinks and everything in between. It is suitable for use on most wooden garden surfaces including fences, sheds and garden furniture.

I used the Bold Plum to paint a small wooden playhouse and it came up a treat, looking like new in no time at all. It dries very quickly leaving a nice waxy, water repellent finish. I gave the playhouse a second coat to make the bold colour really stand out.

The paint will provide up to four years protection for up to 30 metres squared. However, if you choose a bold colour you might want to give it two coats to really make an impact.

The might be the best fence paint for you if you are looking for something different from the traditional wood colours.

Sadolin Shed & Fence Woodstain Ebony Wood 5 L

This super protective wood stain offers up to five years protection for exterior wood surfaces such as sheds and fences. It comes in a range of natural wood shades as well as a classy grey. It is showerproof in thirty minutes and the waxy finish easily repels rain and moisture.

The Sadolin fence paint is easy to apply as it is quite thick and does not drip. It covers well and gives a rich finish. The 5-litre can provides enough to cover a huge area making it excellent value for money.

Creocote Creosote Substitute Dark Brown Timber Wood Fence Treatment 4Ltr

This product is easy to apply, soaking into the wood very thoroughly. However, the runny consistency means it’s a bit messy, so I would recommend wearing gloves and protecting surrounding areas. Once dry the finish is really good, nice and rich and oily – so it will protect the wood from the elements well.

If you like the look of traditional creosote but don’t want the harmful chemicals this Creocote paint might be the best fence paint for you.

Fence Paint Buying Guide

No matter how much hard work you put into your garden it will never look its best if there are tatty, discoloured fences surrounding it. Luckily, painting fences is an easy task that can quickly transform your garden.

There are many fence paints that will do a great job of transforming your garden boundaries and you can choose from natural wood shades or go for a pop of colour to really brighten up the garden. You can make a feature of fences with bold contrasting colours or blend them into the background to make your garden look bigger.

And of course, treating your fences regularly with the best fence paint will help them shrug off rain and snow and prevent mould and rotting as well as protecting them from strong UV light that can cause them to dry and crack.

When buying the best fence paint you can afford, I would not skimp on quality because you may soon see all your hard work go to waste when it quickly fades and wears off. You are investing a lot of time and energy in painting the fence, so it is worth using a product that will last a good few years.

Remember that the finish colour of your fencing will depend on the existing colour, so you might want to buy a test pot before buying a large can.

The finish of your fence will depend on the preparation as well as the paint you choose. Always clean off dirt, mud and mould before painting. If your fence is mouldy, then consider applying a fungicidal wash to kill mould and algae.

You can either paint fences with a brush or use a sprayer. If you have a lot of fencing, then a sprayer can save you a lot of time. Most fence paints and stains can be used with sprayers, so you don’t have to buy a specific spray-able product. If you only have a small area to cover, then simply invest in a good quality, nylon bristle brush.

Wash all brushes and sprayers thoroughly with warm water after use to prevent dried paint from clogging them up. Always dispose of leftover paint responsibly. Your local council will have details of where you can dispose of paints


I have a fence that is sound, but old and mouldy and the panels are all different shades. Will I be able to make it look good just by painting it or should I just replace the lot?

If you choose the best fence paint you can afford, you can soon have your fence looking like new again.

I would recommend that you brush the fence down with a wire brush and remove any mould with a fungicidal wash before painting. To overcome the problem of the mismatched panels I would go for a shade similar to the darkest panel or slightly darker. You may have to apply two coats of the product to even out the colour of the fence, but I’m sure it will look great once this has been done.

Can fence paint be harmful to my plants and the wildlife in my garden?

Fence paints are generally water based and, once dry, will not be harmful to plants, wildlife, pets or children. However, splashing plants with paint can cause them some damage as well as looking unsightly. If possible, I would recommend covering plants with something light but thick enough not to let the paint through – a dust sheet would be ideal. Once the paint is dry you can remove the dust sheet and the plants will be fine.

What colour should I paint my fence to make my garden look bigger?

Generally, darker colours will make your garden look bigger as they visually recede into the distance. A dark green will blur the boundaries of your garden even further as you won’t be able to see quite where the planting ends as it will blend into a green that appears to go on forever! Personally, I think the best fence paint colour is a darker, natural looking brown or green to compliment your garden.