In this guide we’ll take a look at the best garden incinerators for the UK market.
I’ve compared capacity, safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Garden Incinerator?

  • Features
  • 90 litre capacity
  • Made in the UK
  • Free shovel
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 75 litre capacity
  • Strong galvanised metal
  • Good control of smoke & ash
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 90 litre capacity
  • Useful locking lid
  • Lightweight
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 15 litre capacity
  • Made in the UK
  • Good value for money
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 120 litre capacity
  • Good ventilation holes
  • Ideal for big jobs
  • Cost

More Detailed Garden Incinerator Reviews

S&MC Gardenware Garden Incinerator Bin

This S&MC Gardenware Garden Incinerator Bin is made from sturdy galvanised steel and has a capacity of 90 litres, plenty for all your rubbish clearing needs. The lid is sturdy and has a handle for easy removal and the legs are robust, making this a stable incinerator to use.

The incinerator bin comes with a free ash shovel which comes in handy to scoop out the remaining ash for use on the garden or in the compost bin.

This bin is very effective, the holes provide just the right air flow and it really gets hot. Once hot it eats through garden waste including leaves, twigs and small branches. I even put some waste wood from a fencing project in and it disappeared in minutes. It can take quite large branches too so is very useful. Obviously, you may need to cut some waste down to size before putting it in the incinerator so as to keep the fire contained and not have flames leaping from the top.

This garden incinerator is effective and great value for money, especially as it comes with the free shovel. It wins top spot for the best garden incinerator for the money.

Home Discount Garden Incinerator Bin

This Home Discount Garden Incinerator Bin has a 75-litre capacity so it is slightly smaller than most standard incinerators. However, it is large enough even if you have quite a lot of rubbish to burn. The product is lightweight but strong. The lid has a robust, riveted a handle for easy removal. The legs are strong. There are holes in the bottom and sides which provide air flow that keep the fire burning really hot. As there are holes in the bottom you should be careful to position this bin in a safe place before use in case any embers fall through.

This garden incinerator would be perfect if you have a smaller garden and only a moderate amount of waste. It is also useful for destroying confidential papers.

This is a good value incinerator bin that is perfect for medium sized gardens.

CrazyGadget Garden Incinerator Bin

This CrazyGadget Garden Incinerator Bin has a sturdy three-legged base, plenty of ventilation holes on the side and comes with a locking lid. It does the job well and is a good price. In my opinion, it is not quite as sturdy as the previous products, but it is light and easy to move around.

Overall, an effective and sturdy garden incinerator for a good price with 90 litres of capacity.

Keto Plastics Mini Garden Incinerator Bin

This Keto Plastics Mini Garden Incinerator Bin has a 15 litre capacity- perfect if you have a small garden with only, say, a few leaves and prunings to get rid of each year. It is also ideal for disposing of confidential documents. You can also use it for twigs and small branches but obviously, it is not suitable for large branches or chunks of wood. It is only 45 cm high and 33cm wide, including handles and legs.

This garden incinerator is made of galvanised metal has strong, riveted handles and a sturdy three-legged base. It comes complete with robust lid, has plenty of ventilation holes and does really heat up well. It is made in the UK.

This incinerator bin also works well as a heat source for parties and evenings outdoors.

Obviously, this product is not ideal if you have large amounts of stuff to burn. It will get through it, but it will take a while.

This little incinerator bin is really handy for the small garden and also makes a nice heat source for summer evenings. Its also really good value for money. It’s the best garden incinerator for small gardens.

Woodside Square Garden Incinerator Bin

This Woodside Square Garden Incinerator Bin has a capacity of 120 litres so is a good choice if you have a large garden and a lot of waste to burn.

It is made of galvanised steel and has ventilation holes in the sides to improve air flow, thereby increasing the heat and speeding up the burn time.

This incinerator bin does not come with a lid or chimney but does have a steel net that goes over the top to catch any debris that might fly from the fire. I think because of this, it didn’t get quite as hot as the other products and was, therefore, a bit slower at getting through the waste. However, it is large, so you can put plenty of stuff in at a time. It was more complicated to put together than the other products in this review.

This would be ideal if you have a lot of garden waste to get rid of and wanted to keep chipping away at it while you got on with other jobs around the garden.

Garden Incinerator Buying Guide

A garden incinerator is a useful tool for clearing up garden debris such as leaves, hedge trimmings, twigs, small branches and annual weeds. You can also use your incinerator to safely dispose of personal documents as they are cheaper to buy than garden shredders, more effective at destroying private information and you don’t end up with piles of shredded paper to dispose of.

Most garden incinerators are made of galvanised steel. They are like a dustbin on legs with holes in the lower section to improve air circulation. Some are cylindrical, some square and there are different sizes available including mini versions which are handy if you have a small garden or just want to use it to dispose of personal documents.

An incinerator bin is safer and more effective than simply having a bonfire. They burn at a much higher temperature than a bonfire meaning you can get through more waste quickly and produce less smoke. They also keep the fire contained making it safer.

You can use the ash from your incinerator as a fertiliser around the garden. The potassium in the ash is particularly good for the health of your woody shrubs and trees. The ash will also discourage slugs and snails as it is caustic to them and they don’t like its powdery texture.

You can also add the ash to your compost bin. This will make it less acidic and help the compost to break down. Its especially useful if you compost a lot of lawn trimmings as these are very acidic. Many of the microorganisms that help create compost do not like acidic conditions so adding ash to your bin can help them thrive.

Be careful to use your incinerator in a considerate manner. Check your neighbours don’t have washing hanging out and alert them so that they can close windows. Your local council may have rules about if and when you can have a fire in your garden.

Never overfill your garden incinerator as this can be unsafe and lead to the fire spreading. Always have a water supply handy in case anything spills out. Make sure the fire is completely out before leaving your incinerator unattended. Always wear fireproof gloves when using an incinerator.

Incinerator bins are all fairly similar. They are usually made from galvanised steel and come with legs which you often need to attach yourself and a lid with a chimney. Some incinerators come with a mesh top rather than a lid.

However, garden incinerators do vary in quality. Make sure you choose a solid and well-constructed incinerator as this will be safest to use and last longest.

No garden incinerator bin will last for ever, but all of the above products look likely to give several years of use.


Are garden incinerators safe to use?

You should follow some precautions when using your incinerators as all fires can be dangerous if not prepared sensibly.

Place your incinerator bin on a flat surface so it is not likely to tip over. Make sure there is space all around it. Occasionally, flames may come out of the ventilation holes or the chimney so make sure there is nothing flammable that is too close. Once it is hot, you will not be able to move it.

Wear fireproof gloves when lighting your incinerator and once it is lit do not touch any part of it with bare hands. Do not overfill your incinerator otherwise flames will come out of the top and you won’t be able to put the lid on. If this does happen, wait for the flames to die down before attempting to put on the lid.

Always have some water handy just in case your fire gets out of control.

I have just bought a garden incinerator, but I am finding it hard to get a fire started in it. Do you have any tips?

Line the bottom of your incinerator bin with some balled up newspaper and place a few dry twigs on top. Light the paper and you should be away. You can then begin to add your debris. Don’t overfill it as this can cause the flames to come out of the top, making it hard to put on the lid. Once it is burning well, put on the lid to help the incinerator reach maximum heat. Only burn dry materials otherwise you will have a poor fire and create lots of smoke.

What can I do with the ashes from my incinerator?

The cooled ashes from your garden incinerator can be used as a fertiliser. They are particularly good for woody plants as they are high in potassium. Ashes will also keep slugs and snails away from your precious plants. You can also add ashes to your compost bin, which will help the beneficial microorganisms in your compost bin thrive and break down the plant matter more effectively.