In this guide we’ll take a look at the best grass seed for the UK market.
I’ve compared quality, coverage, seed mixture and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Grass Seed?

  • Features
  • Grows in dry, wet and shady conditions
  • Best grass seed that germinates quickly
  • Creates a super hardwearing yet lush lawn
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Creates a soft, fine and lush lawn
  • Covers up to 285 square metres
  • Stands up to wear and tear from children and pets
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good value for premium grass seed
  • Covers up to 300m2
  • Create a hardwearing lawn
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Perfect seed for shady conditions
  • Tailored to the UK climate
  • Produces a fine and soft yet hardwearing lawn
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Ideal for smaller gardens
  • Perfect for patching existing lawns
  • Produces lush yet hardwearing grass
  • Cost

More Detailed Grass Seed Reviews

The Grass People SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn 10kg Grass Seed

The Grass People SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn 10kg Grass Seed is the best grass seed if you want a lush, green, hardwearing lawn even in dry, wet or shady gardens.

This premium quality sowing grass seed is a blend of 80% Perennial Ryegrass and 20% Strong Creeping Red Fescue designed to create a hardwearing lawn that will stand up to playtime and plenty of use. This lawn seed creates a lush green lawn even in difficult areas such as dry soil, wet soil and deep shade. The grass seed germinates in less than a week and is often ready for its first cut in under five weeks, depending on weather conditions.

This 10kg bag of sowing grass seed offers great value for money and is enough to cover an area of 200m2.

This is the best grass seed if you want a hard wearing lawn even in difficult situations such as dry or wet soil or deep shade.

10kg Top Quality Grass Seed / Lawn Seed

This is another hardwearing grass seed that will provide a durable but beautiful lawn for many years to come.

This superb quality grass seed contains a mixture of 50% Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass and 50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue to provide a beautiful lush, yet hardwearing lawn. It feels slightly softer than some of the higher ryegrass mixes. This grass seed is ideal if you want a lawn that will stand up to children and pets but is soft and lush enough to lie on for a nice sunbathe.

The 10-kilogram grass seed provides enough seed to cover 285m2 making this great value for money.

This is the best grass seed if you want good value for money and it will provide good thick growth in most soil and light conditions.

GroundMaster Hard Wearing Premium Lawn Grass Seed

GroundMaster Hard Wearing Tough Garden Premium Back Lawn Grass Seed (10KG) comes through thick and fast in just a few days to produce a dense, lush lawn.

The 10kg bag of grass seed provides enough to cover around 300m2 making this a great value product. It germinates quickly in the right conditions and you should see it shooting after 5-10 days. The seed is a mix of perennial ryegrasses and 30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue. This creates a hardwearing lawn that is suitable for children and pets but still looks lush and green.

If you want the best lawn seed that stands up to children and pets well, this is another excellent choice for the best grass seed available.

1 kg Premium Quality Grass Seed

This 1 kg Grass Seed grows quickly and provides a thick lush carpet of grass that is tailored to the UK climate.

If you have a smaller lawn or are looking to reseed an existing lawn, then this lawn seed is the best grass seed for you. It covers up to 35 square metres for new lawns and 55 square metres if you are reseeding sparse existing lawns.

This grass seed is a mix of various species that makes it versatile and perfectly suited to British gardens and weather conditions. The seed mix comprises 43% Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass, 40% Creeping Red Fescue, 12% Chewings Fescue and 5% Brown Top Bent. This provides a lush, green lawn that is fine and soft but also hardwearing.

This mix of lawn seed is also perfect for difficult conditions as it copes well with drought and wet conditions and is the best grass seed for shade.

This is the best grass seed if you have difficult conditions in your garden, especially shady areas where grass seed often fails to grow. You will soon have lush green grass where you didn’t think it was possible!

Hard Wearing, Fast Growing Premium Grass Seed

This Hard Wearing Grass Seed comes in a 400g pack which makes this the best grass seed for those that want to create a small lawn or revitalise and smallish existing lawn.

The lawn seed mix of Perennial Rye Grasses and Strong Creeping Red Fescue makes for a lush, yet durable lawn. The seed grows quickly and soon thickens up to provide a lush, green hardwearing lawn.

This is the the best grass seed product for very small lawns or patching and thickening existing lawns.