In this guide we’ll take a look at the best hand push manual lawn mowers.
I’ve compared cutting ability, ease of use, weight and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Hand Push Lawn Mower?


Our Rating: 9.8/10

  • Compact and light mower
  • 30cm cutting width
  • Produces excellent results

Our Rating: 9.6/10

  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • 38cm cutting width
  • 15-43mm height of cut

Our Rating: 9.2/10

  • 18 Litre collection box
  • 10-40mm height of cut
  • 30cm cutting width

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Good value lawn mower
  • 12-45mm cutting height
  • Comfortable to use

More Detailed Hand Push Lawn Mower Reviews

Einhell GC-HM 30 Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower

This Einhell GC-HM 30 Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower is a strong and lightweight machine that is easy to push and cuts very cleanly.

The mower has five steel blades which will last for years and provide a nice clean cut. It has a cutting width of 30 cm and a range of cutting height settings from 15 – 42 mm. It also has a 16 litre mesh collection bag which is easy to attach. The wide plastic wheels do not cut into the lawn and the back roller provides some stripes as well as evening out minor bumps. The compact size means it is very easy to manoeuvre this mower around beds and other garden features.

The mower is very easy to assemble, and the build quality is excellent. It offers fantastic value for money and in my opinion it is the best hand push manual lawnmower on the market.

When taken to task on an area of overgrown lawn this lawnmower did provide me with quite a workout. However, it did the job cutting through long grass and nettles. The second run on relatively tamed grass was much easier. On a well-kept lawn, this mower will be a breeze to use.

Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower

This Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower is a slightly larger model with a 38 cm cutting width. However, it is still light and easy to use.

The mower is easy to assemble, taking less than ten minutes. It is smooth and quiet in use so will not annoy the neighbours on a Sunday morning. The 5 blades cut very cleanly and are adjustable from 15 – 43mm with a simple lever, to provide a good range of cutting heights. The mower also has a generous 25 litre grass box which means less time emptying.

The rear roller provides stability at lawn edges as well as enabling you to produce a nice striped lawn.

This mower coped well with even long grass full of nettles and weeds with a little bit of effort. On a well-kept lawn, it is very easy to push with little exertion and cuts beautifully. The slightly larger size means this mower would be perfect for medium sized lawns. If you are looking for the best push lawn mower this is a great option available.

WEBB H30 Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower

This WEBB H30 Hand Push Lawn Mower is very comfortable to use and easy to push on even bumpy lawns. The 6 hardened steel blades create a beautiful cut on well kept grass and power through neglected areas with relative ease. The cutting height is easily adjustable from 10mm to 40mm.

It has an 18-litre collection box that is easy to attach. The mower comes partially assembled and you only need to attach the handles with wing nuts.

This mower is light and easy to use and provides a really clean neat cut.

Garden Gear Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower

This budget friendly mower has a 30 cm cutting width, cutting height adjustments from 12 – 45 mm, a rear roller and 17 litre collection bag.

The mower has 5 sturdy blades and is easy to push. It cuts well on relatively even and maintained lawns. It’s a bit of effort to push it through overgrown areas and these will need a second cut to get a nice finish.

This Garden Gear Manual Hand Push Lawn Mower is a great value option that performs the job well, and is backed by a 12 month warranty to boot. If you are looking for the best manual lawn mower on a budget this is a great affordable option for you.

Hand Push Lawn Mower Buying Guide

A manual lawnmower may not be something you have considered in this age of technology. But if you have a small to medium lawn you might like to think about it.

Hand push lawnmowers are light and easy to push, cost nothing to run and require no hassle with petrol or extension leads. They are also very quiet to use so you won’t disturb the neighbours on a Sunday morning. For a moderately sized lawn, you can be done in minutes. They are also an environmentally friendly option and give you a light work out when you use them.

The best hand push manual lawnmower is also compact, easy to store, simple to maintain and will last for years and years.

A hand push lawnmower is worth considering as they are actually much easier to use than most people think. Most manual lawnmowers are lightweight and easy to push. Often you can cut the lawn before the neighbours have even lugged a heavy mower out of the shed and set up an extension lead or filled up a petrol lawn mower.

Hand push lawnmowers can cope with quite long grass and some lumps and bumps; however, it can be harder work using them on very uneven lawns. They will still cut, but it will require more effort on your part to push them over uneven ground and up and down slopes.

However, if you have a reasonably flat lawn, they can actually be the quickest and easiest option. Manual lawnmowers offer great value for money to as they are reasonably cheap to buy and will probably outlive their electric equivalents by years.

Manual mowers work with a cylinder mechanism with horizontal blades located at the front of the mower that rotates against a fixed blade at the bottom of the mower when the machine is pushed. This gives a very fine cut and is better for your lawn than many other types of cutting.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a hand push lawnmower.

Cutting Width

Hand push mowers come in a range of cutting widths. A smaller cutting width will mean a lighter more manoeuvrable mower; however, a larger cutting width will get the job done more quickly. If you have a larger lawn with few obstacles than go for a wider machine. For small lawns or those with many obstacles to manoeuvre around choose a smaller machine. A smaller machine is also more suitable if you don’t quite have the strength required to push a heavier model.


Manual lawnmowers have between 4 and 8 blades. The more blades the mower has, the thicker the grass it will cope with, but more blades will also make the machine heavier. For the perfect balance between a good cut and a lightweight machine, 5 or 6 blades seems about right.

Cutting Height

The best manual lawn mower has a range of cutting heights and are easy to adjust giving you the flexibility to change the way you cut the lawn according to the time of year, weather and conditions. A longer cutting height is good if you have to tackle overgrown grass as it is easier to do this on a longer cut and then recut it at a lower height afterwards.


How do I maintain my hand push lawnmower?

The best hand push manual lawn mower options will all last for years if properly maintained and luckily this is very easy to do.

After each use simply wipe away dirt, grass and any other debris and then store your mower in a dry place. A little oil on the blades every now and then will also help prevent rust and keep the mower moving smoothly. I would also recommend oiling the blades before putting your mower away for its winter rest.

Can I sharpen the blades of my hand push mower?

A hand push mower may not need sharpening for years if you are careful not to abuse the blades by running over stones or other hard objects. However, if your blades have become a little blunt it is possible to sharpen them.

You can buy a kit with everything you need including a grinding stone and grinding paste. It’s fairly easy to do this yourself and there are some great videos online that will help you sharpen the blades. It will take around 45 minutes to do.

Alternatively, you can take your mower to a lawn mower service shop and let them do the job for you. It’s not that expensive and it doesn’t need doing very often, plus it will extend the life of your mower for many more years.