In this guide we’ll take a look at the best lawn rollers for UK Gardens.
I’ve compared manoeuvrability, effectiveness, drum size and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Lawn Roller?

  • Features
  • High quality galvanized steel construction
  • 90cm wide drum to fit large lawns
  • Large 63 Litre capacity
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 30 Litre capacity
  • Removal handle ensures easy storage
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Folding Handles For Easy Storage
  • 30 Litre drum
  • Cost

More Detailed Lawn Roller Reviews

Costway Heavy Duty 63 Litre Lawn Roller

This Costway Heavy Duty 63 Litre Lawn Roller comes ready for minimal self-assembly which was not too tricky to do. The instructions are reasonable clear, and I had the product ready for use in around 20 minutes. The lawn roller is made from galvanized steel making it very sturdy. The attractive green paint is well finished so I am not expecting too many problems with rust.

At 90 cm this is a good, wide lawn roller that is perfect for medium to large gardens. As the drum is so wide, you will need fewer passes to get the job done, saving you time and energy. The capacity of the drum is 63 litres and it can be filled with water or sand. Using sand will increase the weight for heavier jobs and using water will make it suitable for light rolling. The lawn roller weighs approximately 75 kg when filled with water and 110 kg when filled with sand.

The scraper bar keeps the garden roller from getting clogged and the foldable handle makes the product easy to store. You can also tow this roller behind a ride-on mower or tractor if you have a very large area to roll.

The drum is easy to fill with sand and the weight is substantial when filled.

I found this lawn roller easy to use and the width meant the job took much less time than with a smaller machine. The weight meant it was very effective at smoothing and levelling my lawn. Once filled with sand this machine is quite heavy to push, however, this does make it very effective at the job. If you found it too heavy when filled with sand, filling it with water would still make this a substantial piece of kit.

This lawn roller was more difficult to manoeuvre in small spaces, so I would recommend it for medium to large gardens with fewer flower beds and features to work around. It would be the best lawn roller for very large gardens or other grassed areas. Overall it is a great garden roller that is well built and excellent value for money – I expect it to give many years of use.

Garden Gear Heavy Duty Manual Push Lawn Roller

This Garden Gear Heavy Duty Manual Push Lawn Roller was easy to assemble, and the removable handle means it is easy to store. This lawn roller is manufactured with a galvanized steel drum and frame finished in a nice protective green paint finish.

This drum has a width of 42 cm which makes it easy to manoeuvre around flower beds and features. The scraper bar prevents the roller from getting clogged up and stops debris from being rolled back onto the lawn.

The 30-litre drum can be filled with water or sand. The filling hole is just under 3 cm wide so using a funnel makes it easier to fill. The drum weighs approximately 36 kg when filled with water and 60 kg when filled with sand.

I filled the drum with kiln dried sand using a funnel. Once filled it did a good job of smoothing out lumps and bumps in my lawn and it was easy to push and guide around garden features. This lawn roller is excellent value for a medium weight roller and would be ideal for small to medium lawns.

Oypla Galvanised Steel Lawn Roller

This Oypla Galvanised Steel Lawn Roller was easy to assemble and is made of heavy, green painted galvanised steel. The handle is foldable for easy storage and there is a handy scraper bar which prevents loose material falling back onto the lawn.

The width of the lawn roller is 42 cm and the drum can be filled with water or sand. When filled with water the approximate weight is 30kg. When filled with sand the weight is around 45kg.

This garden roller is not as heavy as the previous item but would be suitable for lighter rolling work. I found the handle a little short, meaning I had to stoop to use it.

However, for light rolling in a small to medium garden, this would definitely do the job and it is well built for the price.

Lawn Roller Buying Guide

When choosing a lawn roller, you should check both the width and the capacity of the drum as well as the build quality of the machine.

If you have a smaller garden with lots of features, then a smaller garden roller will be easier to use. However, for larger gardens, choose a wider lawn roller as this will reduce the number of passes needed to complete the job.

The weight of the lawn roller when filled is another consideration. Different products have different weights when filled. A heavier item will do a good job of levelling lawns; however, it will be heavier to push. If you have a very large area and already have a ride on mower you might want to choose a machine that can be towed such as the first product in this guide.

As this is a product that will be used outside and probably stored in a shed you should ensure that it is well made. Galvanized steel rollers will last considerably longer than other product as they are resistant to rust.


When should I use my lawn roller to even out my bumpy lawn?

A lawn roller is a very useful tool that can benefit your lawn by making it more even and easier to cut. However, this tool should be used judiciously. Overuse can cause stress to grass and compact the soil. You should avoid rolling in dry summer months when grass is already stressed. For the best results you should roll your lawn when it is moist but not waterlogged, often spring is the best time. You should only use as much weight as is necessary to do the job. For this reason, I would recommend filling your lawn roller with water first. If this achieves the result you require there is no need for heavier rolling. However, if the weight is not enough to do the job with a water filled garden roller you can then move on to filling the drum with sand. It is also wise to aerate your lawn after using your lawn roller to minimise any compaction and increase aeration.

What kind of sand should I use in my lawn roller?

For best results, you should use kiln dried sand. This sand is fine and dry, making it easier to fill the drum. Its helpful to have a funnel to hand as this can significantly reduce the amount of time to fill the drum and also reduce wastage and mess.