In this guide we’ll take a look at the best microchip cat flaps for the UK market.
I’ve compared technology, reliability, safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Microchip Cat Flap?

  • Features
  • Best microchip cat flap on the market
  • No collar or tag is required to operate
  • Compatible with 9, 10 and 15 digit microchips
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Easy to program & use
  • Compatible with 9, 10 and 15-digit microchips
  • Up to 30 cats can be programmed!
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Works with your pet's existing microchip
  • Compatible with all microchip formats
  • Curfew Mode to lock door at certain times
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Learns your cat's unique ID microchip number
  • Can be programmed for up to 32 cats!
  • Suitable also for glass doors
  • Cost

More Detailed Microchip Cat Flat Reviews

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap

This Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap works with your cats existing microchip to allow them access to your home whenever they choose. This product wins the gold medal for the best microchip cat flap on the market right now!

This microchip cat flap will let all animals out, but only cats that have been programmed by the cat flap are able to come back in. It is compatible with 9, 10 and 15-digit microchips.

It runs off 4 AA batteries which the instructions said would last up to a year with normal use. There is an indicator light to let you know when the batteries are low which I consider an essential feature so that your cat doesn’t accidentally get shut out.

It was really simple to programme the cat flap following the instructions included. I did this before I installed the cat flap as recommended in the product video. For each cat, put a treat on the cat flap, and press the button to programme the flap. When the cat comes close to the cat flap it will automatically programme the flap to recognise this cat. Repeat this for any other cats in the family. It was really that simple.

The cat flap can be programmed to not let a cat out if you wish, so this I handy if your cat is sick or injured and you want to keep them in. There is also a safety feature that means if a cat that was supposed to be in does manage to get out, the cat flap will still allow it back in. This is an essential feature for the best cat flap products on the market.

The microchip cat flap was easy to fit as it went into the same hole as my previous Sureflap cat flap. The hole dimensions required to fit the cat flap are 165mm (W) x 171mm (H).

It took my cats a little while to be coaxed through the new, strange smelling cat flap. But a few more treats soon did the job. It might take longer if your cat is not used to a cat flap at all.

My cats were soon using the cat flap without any problems and it did the job of keeping neighbouring cats outs despite them attempting to batter it down. It can also be manually set so that cats can come in but not get out again. Useful if you prefer to keep your cats in at night.

This is a wonderful microchip cat flap that gives you peace of mind and may well reduce your cat food bill. It comes at a reasonable price too – making it the best microchip cat flap for the money.

Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

This Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap is very easy to programme and is compatible with 9, 10 and 15-digit microchips. Up to 30 cats can be programmed at a time. More than enough for most people’s needs!

It requires 4 AA batteries which are not included. These should last for approximately a year.

As with the previous item it works with your cat’s microchip and is easy to programme with just the push of a button. If you have a cat that does not have a microchip you can order a Cat Mat I.D. disc that can be attached to your cat’s collar which will then work with the flap instead. You can programme this disc by simply placing it close or passing it through the cat flap.

This microchip cat flap is large enough for most cats and is made from made from super tough polymer. It will require a cut out size of 173mm x 198mm. The flap closes with a magnetic closure and has a brush seal making it draft proof and weather proof.

It also has an indicator light that pulses when the batteries need replacing.

The flap was slighter bigger than the previous CatMate flap I had so needed a few adjustments to fit. It is a little bit more expensive than the previous cat flap and I didn’t find the brown opaque door as attractive to look at.

This is a super strong microchip cat flap and is very durable. Another fine example of one of the best microchip cat flap products available for the UK market.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

This SureFlap Microchip Pet Door is the most expensive of the cat flaps I have reviewed. However, it does have some great features. I particularly like the ‘curfew mode’ which means you can programme the door to lock and unlock at certain times which I found useful as I like to keep my little queen cat in at night. This product also comes with a collar tag which would be useful for anyone who has a cat without a microchip.

This microchip cat flap can be programmed to keep certain cats indoors, which is useful if you have an upcoming vet appointment or one of your cats is injured or sick. This functionality really makes this one of the best microchip cat flap products on the market.

It requires 4 C cell batteries which will last for up to a year. These are a little more expensive than the AA batteries required for some other microchip cat flaps, but this does not add up to much more expense over the course of a year.

This is a solidly built cat flap that should resist the attacks of the boldest of neighbourhood cats. The locks themselves are only plastic, but there are two and they seem robust. The unit makes quite a loud clunking noise when the opening which could spook some nervous cats until they got used to it. But this should be easily overcome with the liberal use of treats.

This is a larger size cat flap and would be suitable for the biggest cats and even some small dogs. The cut-out size required is 20.7 by 23.4 cm and it comes with clear fitting instructions.

If you are looking for the best microchip cat flap at a premium price then this might just be the ticket!

Sureflap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap

This Sureflap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap can be programmed for up to 32 cats and can also be used with an identification tag. It uses dual scan technology which allows you to programme that flap to keep specific cats indoors. This product is more quiet than some of the others so it might be the best microchip cat flap for nervous cats.

This microchip cat flap requires 4 AA batteries and has a display to indicate when the battery power is low.

A mounting adaptor that makes it suitable for glass doors is also available. The cut-out opening required is 142mm x 120mm.

This is a really sturdy cat flap that is the best cat flap choice if you have a glass or double-glazed door.

Microchip Cat Flap Buying Guide

Cat flaps are essential for most cat owners as they allow you cats to come in and out as they please. This lets them come inside for warmth and shelter and get outside for some fresh air and activity whenever they want without you having to be constantly opening the door for them.

However, traditional cat flaps do have one disadvantage. They also allow other cats easy access to your home. Unfortunately, they may then eat your cat’s food, stress your cats out and even spread fleas or urinate in your house. Not something any of us want! Even worse, there have even been cases of foxes and rats getting in through cat flaps.

There are several ‘entry controlled’ products on the market. These work by containing a microchip in a collar that works with the cat flap to only allow ‘known’ cats entry into the house.  However, most of these rely on your cats wearing collars to hold the technology required. This can be a pain as cats often lose collars. This can result in your cat becoming stranded outside in freezing conditions. Also, many people prefer not to put collars on their cat in case the little creature gets it caught on a branch.

For this reason, product designers have come up with a revolutionary product that uses the identity microchip that your cat already has to trigger entry. This means that no unwanted cats can get into the home, but you know that your own cats will always safely have access.

A microchip cat flap can be programmed to respond to several cats and from then on will only open for them. They are easily reprogrammable for new additions to the pet family, too.

The best microchip cat flap products are designed to replace existing cat flaps with no mess or fuss. They run on batteries that usually last around a year and most have a handy indicator light to show when the batteries are running low.

You can fit a microchip cat flap in any kind of door and even through walls and windows making them the perfect solution for cat owners in any home.

Check the size of your existing cat flap. You may be able to get one the same size, so you can simply replace your old one with a new one. If you can’t get one exactly the same size, go for one a little larger so that you can just make your existing opening a little larger to accommodate it. Also, check that the cat flap door and tunnel is large enough if your pet is on the well-built side.

Remember to order suitable batteries when you order your cat flap, so you can start using it straight away. It’s also useful to have some treats to hand in case your cats need some encouragement to use their new cat flap.

While the cost of a microchip cat flap can seem quite high, if you have had problems with neighbourhood cats coming in and bullying your own cats then they are truly worth their weight in gold. In addition, the money saved on feeding all the cats in the neighbourhood could soon mean you recoup the expense.


Do cat flaps create a security risk? After all, a burglar could easily break one?

While someone could break the cat flap, the hole is so small that no one could ever squeeze through. However, it is a good idea to remove the key from the lock of a door with a cat flap so that no one could reach up and get hold of the key.