In this guide we’ll take a look at the best rattan furniture sets for the UK market.
I’ve compared comfort, design, durability and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Rattan Furniture?

  • Features
  • 8 seat set
  • 1000 hours sunshine guarantee
  • Leave outside all year round
  • Cost
  • Features
  • High rise flip back chairs
  • 3-metre white parasol
  • Seats ten
  • Cost
  • Features
  • One sofa
  • Two chairs
  • High-quality rattan
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Two lounge chairs
  • Glass top side table
  • Space saving
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Seats eight
  • Great design
  • Multi-function
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Perfect set for 4
  • Excellent quality furniture
  • Includes parasol and cover
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Sofa and day bed
  • Gas powered canopy
  • Weatherproof
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Space saving
  • Round
  • Weatherproof
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Small and neat
  • French style
  • Cushions included
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Rattan hanging egg chair
  • Durable and supportive
  • 150kg load
  • Cost

More Detailed Rattan Furniture Reviews

YAKOE 50020R Papaver Modular Garden Furniture

The Papaver garden furniture set is the best rattan furniture set around because it’s smart, weatherproof and multi-functioning.

What I love the most is the amount of furniture you get in the set. Let’s take a closer look.

First up, the corner seater sofas. There are two and they are big!

There’s more than enough room for several people to sit side-by-side. It’s sold as an eight-seater set, but you can fit more if folk don’t mind shuffling up a bit.

The combined length is 285cms when they’re joined together, but each single sofa measures 144cms in length. There are aluminium feet on the sofas to prevent damage when you need to shift the set around.

As well as the dual sofas you get two footstools that double as seats and a glass-topped coffee table. The footstools fit neatly under the tale if you’re not using them.

The tempered glass-topped coffee table is important in my experience as rattan wicker isn’t a flat enough surface for glasses. The glass topper means your drinks are safe.

It’s designed to be left outside all year round, but you’ll need to bring the white cushions in when summer is over. Oh yes, there are waterproof and washable cushions included and they’re good quality too.

Rattan wicker covers the coated metal frame and it’s guaranteed against 1000 hours of sunshine.

The rattan wicker on the Papaver set is top notch. It’s a thick rattan weave that’s rounded on the armrest which is a nice touch, and you can hose it all down if things get dusty or you spill ketchup.

This is a lightweight set that’s suitable for year-round comfort and it’ll make your patio a stylish place to relax.

Roe Gardens - Premium Rattan Garden Furniture

The Roe gardens ten-seater dining cube is a feat of design. I love how all the seats tuck neatly beneath the table when you’re finished. It’s a great way to seat lots of people in a compact space.

The table measures 180x120x75cms and it has a 6mm tempered glass top for drink safety. There’s nothing more tragic that spilling your specially chilled lager on a sunny day.

In the centre is a parasol hole and yes, a parasol is included in the price. It’s three metres tall and plain chic white.

The seating consists of six high rise flip back chairs and four stools. They all have 6mm thick cushions for comfort which are machine washable and waterproof.

All the rattan weave is made from high-quality premium PE rattan that won’t fade. The aluminium frame is lightweight enough to move and it won’t rust.

This tardis garden furniture is tough enough to live outside all year round, but it looks equally as stylish in your conservatory.

If you have a big family and love to entertain this is the set for you.

Keter Carolina 4 Seater Garden Furniture Set

Keter rattan furniture is a top-quality brand, and this versatile rattan set will bring a sleek touch to your outdoor space all year round.

In this set are two chairs with a seat height of 39cms and a two-seater sofa.

You can fit two adults and a child on the sofa without sitting in each other’s lap, and because they’re a solid square shape you won’t tip backwards.

The coffee table has a flat wicker rattan top and is plenty big enough to keep snacks and drinks to hand.

The wicker is stylish and great quality. Its 7mm weave is curved over the sloping armrests to create smooth lines and ultimate comfort.

This is a stylish, practical and durable set because the wicker will keep its colour even if you leave it outside all year round. Scrub it down with washing up liquid and the hosepipe if pigeons like it too much.

With the included thick cushions this is the perfect wicker set to sit your family in comfort on long summer evenings and bright spring mornings.

Arizona Rattan 2 Seater Garden Set

This Arizona jack-and-jill chair is the best way for couples to sit together and enjoy a sunset.

I love the contemporary feel of the Arizona’s design. It’s so stylish and curvy with high backs to rest your heads in comfort, and a tempered glass table fixed between the seats for drinks, snacks, and books,

This two-seater garden set looks the part on a patio, in a conservatory, and tucked away beneath an arbour in the sunny spot – and what’s more, you can leave it there all year round as it made from top quality rattan.

This makes the Arizona resilient to rain, salt water, soap, and the sun’s harshest UV rays. It can withstand temperatures down to -15 and as high as 60 degrees. The light as a feather powder coated aluminium frame is rustproof making the set totally durable.

The seat cushions are a massive 10cms thick – you don’t find cushions that thick very often. Everything about this set is pure quality, you even get a free weatherproof dust cover to keep it in pristine condition.

If you have a small space and want a stylish garden set suitable for a couple this is a great buy that’ll last for years and make a maintenance-free luxurious impact.

Outsunny Rattan Garden Furniture

The Outsunny rattan set sits up to eight people and is fully able to withstand all-year-round weather.

I love this set because it’s huge and the whole family can sit in comfort.

You get two corner sofas and four single sofas that fit together to make a huge seat for everyone. Then there’s a single footstool that doubles as a seat, and a coffee table with toughened glass for all the snacks you’ll need.

I like the non-skid aluminium feet that are height adjustable. Who hasn’t gone to sit down with hot coffee only to have the garden seat skid backwards? This one stays put.

It’s made from high-quality 8mm PE rattan that’s waterproof and UVC resistant, and the aluminium frame is powder coated to prevent rust.

Feel free to leave this set outside all year round. Just hose it down with washing up liquid in the spring and you’re ready to go.

Included in the price are seven-seater cushions with 10cms depth, and matching back cushions for ultra-comfort. You also get four green scatter cushions that create a bright and fresh pop of colour. All are washable in the machine.

This contemporary set is big and will suit a large patio. If you have lots of friends and enjoy a BBQ this is a stylish way to seat everyone.

Arizona Luxury Rattan Dining Set | Round 4 Seater

The Arizona four-seater rattan set is a traditional round table set with four chairs. It looks good in vintage or contemporary homes and sits pretty in a conservatory or a patio.

This is one of the best rattan furniture sets around in my opinion because it creates a curvy feature piece on your patio and won’t go out of fashion.

The round table is 120cm in diameter with a tempered glass coating. The price includes a crank-handled white parasol measuring 2.5 metres and a 12kg base to keep everything stable in the wind.

The four chairs have luxury rattan curved armrests, that are wider than most other sets, and high contoured backrests.

The included cushions are 8cms thick and packed with foam and fibre for extra comfort. You can easily zip them off for the washing machine if pigeons take aim or your red wine goes awry.

All the wicker parts are UV and rain resistant, and the frame is powder coated aluminium so it’s built to last. Rattan wicker is the best material for outside furniture.

This is a comfortable garden furniture set up and one that’ll have you lounging around for hours. It’s stylish for sure and is incredibly durable too.

Garden Haven Rattan Day Bed 2 in 1

If you’ve ever fancied a day bed, now is your chance! This wicker rattan bed lounger is the ultimate in comfort. Your grass will never get cut again.

This bed lounger is a nifty piece of design. It consists of a sofa with extendable canopy, two curved footstools, and a central round coffee table.

When you push these pieces together and use the joining hooks they make one large double bed. I love it!

This multi-functioning rattan set is made from UV resistant rattan weave over a metal frame so it’s durable enough to leave outside all year round. The feet are slip resistant and raised which looks good and helps keep the set clean.

Included are pillows and cushions that are 7mm thick and machine washable so you don’t need to worry about shoes or spilling drinks – but it’s the canopy that takes the prize for overstated luxury.

Instead of a parasol, the foldable canopy is gas powered. This retractable sun-roof is the ultimate in lounging around, and really make the set something special.

Overall this garden-furniture-cum-day-bed measures 185 metres in diameter and with the sun canopy raised reaches 145cms.

You’ll need a good-sized space to park this fab creation, but it’ll be worth it!

YAKOE 10 Seater Round Dining Set

I have it on good authority this was the rattan garden set King Arthur used when his knights came around for a BBQ.

What makes this one of the best rattan furniture sets is the great design and space-saving shape. If you haven’t guessed, it’s round. But not only is the table round, but the four sofas also tuck neatly beneath it leaving the whole set tidy.

Overall the folded away set measures 171x66x89cms but it’ll seat 10 knights.

Made from 1000-hour sunshine guaranteed rattan weave over a coated powder frame this Yakoe built set can be left outside all year round.

It’s weatherproof and durable enough to withstand our winters. It also makes a perfect ‘Christmas table’ We’ve all struggled to accommodate the whole family at celebrations, but this set up makes it easy.

If you wanted to move one of the sofas to another part of the garden, perhaps the evening sun moves there, you can easily lift one up, it’s very lightweight and portable.

Waterproof washable cushions are included but you don’t get a sword.

Azuma Latina Bistro Garden Set

If you love chic bistro sets but don’t love how the metal versions rust, grab this rattan bistro set that’ll last for years.

Bistro sets are great for compact spaces and sunny spots. This one is especially space-saving because the seats tuck neatly beneath the table. It’ll fit a balcony with ease.

You get a round table with a 5mm brown glass top and two comfy rattan chairs with taupe cushions.

It’s made for modern life as not only will it fit the smallest outside spaces at 111cm x 57cm, but it’s entirely weatherproof.

You can leave this bistro set outside all year round as the frame is made from rust-proof aluminium and the wicker rattan is rain and UV resistant.

If you have a large garden but love this rattan bistro set, you could pop in under an arch to make the most of the sunny morning coffee spot.

It could sit in your front garden too, so you can people-watch a-la France café style.

Yaheetech Black Rattan Hanging Swing Chair

How about this hanging egg chair for a focal point in the garden? No one could accuse you of being boring that’s for sure.

Measuring 195.5 metres tall and able to take a 150kg load it’s strong and sturdy enough for most individuals.

The black metal stand has a hook that the enclosed egg chair simply fits over. The cushions are included and you can make yourself a cosy book reading nook in the garden or conservatory.

The support is made from iron and the egg-seat is made from durable plastic rattan weave. It’s UV and rain resistant so you can leave it outside all year round.

If it gets dirty or encrusted with leaves simply hose it down and run a damp cloth over the wicker to bring it back to as good as new.

You’ll get years of enjoyment from this unusual garden seat because who doesn’t love swaying in the breeze?

This egg chair is a safer alternative to a hammock and doesn’t require tree support but it will gently sway you to sleep on warm summer days.

Rattan Furniture Buyer’s Guide


When you’re looking for garden furniture size is important. There are two aspects to sizing.

  1. How many people will your furniture seat?

If you have a large family or enjoy entertaining then you need more seats because nothing spoils a trendy patio like the emergency attic chairs. Think about how many people would be over at once and give them a seat each.

If it’s just you, then how about a bistro set? There’s no point having massive garden furniture taking up all the space if you don’t need it.

  1. It needs to fit in your garden.

Gardens are getting smaller and it’s no fun if your furniture takes up all the available space, especially if children like to play outside. Squeezing in between the BBQ and a chair is dangerous not to mention horribly smoky. You need to have space around the furniture.

If you can’t fit a full-size set on your patio without trapping the patio door, think about sets that have folding chairs and footstools that double as seats.

Some rattan sets include chairs that tuck underneath the table which is a great space-saving device.


Garden furniture used to consist of a round table and four square chairs, but design has moved on. Not only do we have durable weatherproof rattan, but multi-functioning furniture.

Stacking chairs, folding chairs, footstool seats, and tables that convert into seats are easy to store and grow tardis-like when guests arrive.

Better design also means you can choose furniture to suit your personality. Quirky seats like an egg chair or a day bed-cum-sofa are great ways to fill your garden with design.

And better design also means better comfort. Curved armrest, high backs and good quality cushions mean you can sit for hours even if you have mobility problems.

Let’s face it hard – plastic furniture isn’t snugly at all and whatever you can find to make it more comfortable will extend your lounge time.

Intended Use

Are you a big family BBQer or do you like sipping coffee in the morning sun? Think about your furniture’s intended use and buy accordingly.

Large families with kids and extended relatives need large garden furniture sets with washable cushions. Excitable kids make messes with ketchup and felt tips, not mention excitable adults sloshing glasses of wine around.

Tempered glass on tables is essential if kids are around. It only takes one to fall on standard glass and they could get really hurt. Anyone dropping a coffee mug on the table top could shatter the glass too, leaving your beautiful furniture set ruined.

Smaller jack-and-jill type seats or bistro sets that sit two in quiet comfort are good buys if you like to lounge around in a small group or even by yourself.

If you’re a mix of the above, buy a large set for family visits and a small set for personal use.

You can leave both outside if they’re rattan and leave any worries about maintenance issues at the door.


What is rattan furniture

Rattan is a relatively new material for garden furniture, but it couldn’t be better suited to the job.

Some firms call it rattan resin wicker, plastic rattan, synthetic rattan, or all-weather wicker but it’s the same material – a synthetic manufactured plastic called polyethylene (PE).

Strips of PE are woven into a wicker structure to make garden furniture. The process of weaving is called wickering – which is where the name ‘wicker’ furniture comes from.

Wickering is used to make baskets for example, but these are generally made from natural fibres like willow. Willow or cane garden furniture is better in conservatories as it rots in rainfall, but plastic wicker can withstand rain and wind.

It’s usually treated to withstand UV rays, unlike moulded plastic furniture that fades and becomes brittle.

How to clean rattan furniture

Cleaning plastic rattan furniture couldn’t be easier. That’s good news if you plan to leave yours outside all year round.

The natural enemies of garden furniture are pigeons, dust, and leaf fall, but you can quickly and easily wash all this detritus away with a hose.

Just hose your rattan furniture down, then scrub it with a soft cloth and soapy water. If there are sticky bits like pollen from trees or dried-on bird poo, use a toothbrush to get the niggly bits off.

When you’re finished, rinse it clean and let everything dry out in the sun. Drying plastic rattan takes minutes and you’re good to sit almost immediately. If you’re in a real rush and you have a leaf blower, give it a quick gentle blast to remove excess water.

That certainly beats rubbing and oiling wood or sandpapering and re-painting ironwork! I know I’d rather spend a sunny afternoon lounging in the sun with a good book than cleaning garden furniture.

If you choose the best rattan garden furniture you can too – enjoy!