What Can a Garden Shredder, Shred?!

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what can a garden shredder shred

Garden shredders are great for branches, twigs and other green matter.

But what about other, more obscure materials you want to get rid of?

Below we answer your common shredding questions!

1. Can a garden shredder shred paper?

YES, a garden shredder can shred paper!

Paper is actually one of the easiest things to shred, and most garden shredders can handle it with ease. Just make sure to rip the paper into strips for best results.

And if you’re worried about paper adding too much bulk to your compost pile, don’t be – worms love eating paper! So shred away!

2. Can garden shredders shred cardboard?


Garden shredders can shred cardboard, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, garden shredders are not designed to shred entire pieces of cardboard. Instead, they are meant to shredded smaller pieces of cardboard that have been cut into strips or small squares.

This is because the blades on garden shredders are not as sharp as the blades on commercial grade paper shredders.

Second, you will need to ensure that the cardboard is dry before feeding it into the garden shredder. If the cardboard is wet, it will clog the blades and render the garden shredder useless.

Finally, make sure that the pieces of cardboard you feed into the garden shredder are not too big. 

3. Can garden shredders shred plastic?

If you’re looking for a garden shredder that can handle plastic, it’s important to make sure you buy one that is specifically marketed as being able to do so.

That said, even if your garden shredder isn’t specifically designed to shred plastic, it’s likely that it will still be able to do so provided the plastic is thin enough.

Just be careful not to put any thick or heavy pieces of plastic into the machine, as they could potentially damage it.

4. Can a garden shredder shred leaves?


While most garden shredders can theoretically shred leaves, it is not their ideal function. Garden shredders are designed to mulch larger chunks of organic material, such as twigs and branches.

If you try to shred leaves in a garden shredder, you will likely find that it takes a very long time and produces a lot of dust. It is probably better to use a leaf blower or rake to gather leaves for composting or another purpose.

5. Can a garden shredder shred carpet?

Although it might be tempting to use your garden shredder for other purposes, unfortunately, no, a garden shredder cannot shred carpet.

If you are looking to dispose of carpet, you will need to take it to a local landfill or recycling center. Carpet is not biodegradable, so it cannot be composted.

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