What are the Best Ways to Pick Up Leaves Quickly?

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What are the Best Ways to Pick Up Leaves Quickly

Autumn leaves may be pretty to look at, but spending hours clearing them off your flower beds and lawn isn’t quite so enjoyable. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can speed that process up…

1. Use a Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is such a useful tool for moving leaves around. You can either blow them into piles before bagging them up to make leaf mould, or you could simply blow them straight onto your compost heap. 

2. Use a Leaf Vacuum and Mulcher

Some leaf blowers are designed with a vacuuming and mulching option. This means that, rather than blowing your leaves away from you, the blower will suck them up, mulch them, and then collect this in a bag. You can then empty your bag either into your compost heap, or use the mulch around your plants.

3. Use a Lawn Mower

If the majority of your leaves are on your lawn, then your lawn mower is the perfect tool to use to pick them up quickly. You can either mow and mulch the leaves, before releasing them back onto your grass as lawn feed, or mow and collect, before emptying your leaves into your compost heap. 

4. Use a Fan Rake

Although a fan rake may be the cheapest and simplest tool out there for clearing leaves, it’s not necessarily quick, especially if you have a large garden. However, one way to speed the process up a little is by laying down a large tarp before you get started. Then, rake your leaves directly onto the tarp. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to easily gather up your raked leaves and move them to wherever you need them. 

5. Use an Electric Lawn Raker

If you like the idea of raking but have a large garden, then an electric rake may be worth the investment. They’re used in a similar way to a lawn mower. However, instead of cutting grass, the machine will rake up leaves and send them into a collection bag. 

If picking up fallen leaves is a chore that you hate, look into some of these alternatives. They’ll help you to get the job done so much faster, giving you more time to spend enjoying the autumn season! 

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