In this guide we’ll take a look at the best petrol leaf blowers for the UK market.
I’ve compared power, performance, weight and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Petrol Leaf Blower?

  • Features
  • Powerful 46cc
  • 355 kph air speed
  • Best petrol leaf blower available
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Seriously powerful - 65cc!
  • 210mph wind output
  • Great for larger spaces
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 4 stroke petrol engine
  • Lightweight at only 4.4kg
  • 2 part tube for good storage
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight at 5kg
  • Good reliability
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Decent power
  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Cost

More Detailed Petrol Leaf Blower Reviews

Mcculloch GB355BP Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower

This Mcculloch GB355BP Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower is a very highly powered 46 cc backpack leaf blower.

I found the instruction manual clear and the instructions simple to follow. It has a variable speed engine and cruise function which is very handy for different uses. I could use a gentle air flow on my flower beds and a more forceful one on my driveway. It produces an air speed of 355 kph, the strongest of all the products I have tested.

While this is not the lightest product, weighing 9.16 kg, the backpack design makes this easy to use and avoids your arms getting tired too quickly. The straps are padded and very comfortable to wear. The only slight downside to this product is that it is more awkward to use with the left hand.

It was easy to mix the fuel and fill this leaf blower. After filling is also easy to start. You may have to use the choke in cold conditions, but I have found it to be reliable and easy to start. It runs very smoothly and reasonably quiet for a petrol leaf blower. The fuel tank holds 2.2 litres meaning it goes for quite a while between refuelling.

The leaf blower is extremely powerful and makes light work of clearing even wet leaves quickly and effectively. I have also used it to clear out gutters and it does this in no time at all.

This is a powerful and reliable machine that is comfortable and easy to use. It clears up wet leaves and cleans gutters with ease, ideal if you have a large garden with lots of trees or shrubs. It’s the best petrol leaf blower on the market – offering excellent value for money.

ParkerBrand Petrol Leaf Blower

This ParkerBrand Petrol Leaf Blower is a really powerful tool and would be ideal if you have a very large garden with lots of trees and shrubs.  It has a 210mph wind output that makes light work of clearing the thickest and wettest leaves

It is the heaviest of the models I have tried coming in at 12kg. However, the backpack style and comfortable harness means this is not much of a problem. It is reasonably quiet and low in vibration when in use.

This blower is easy to use and reliable, staring first time on all but the coldest days. It has a large fuel tank which means fewer stops and starts when getting big clear ups done in the garden.

This leaf blower offers power, comfort and great value for money. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for one of the best petrol leaf blower models on the market.

Makita BHX2501 4-Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower

This Makita BHX2501 4-Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower is at the top end of the price range; however, it does offer a lot for the money. Its powerful 4 stroke engine produces fewer emissions and reduces fuel consumption. You can also buy an attachment that turns it into a powerful vacuum cleaner. It is easy to mix the fuel and fill the tank. The machine is reliable and easy to start.

It is compact and easy to store as the blower tube can be split into two sections. At 4.40 kg it is also lightweight and easy to use. However, because it is hand held I found I couldn’t use it for quite as long as the previous item without taking a rest.

At idle this machine easily clears up dry leaves. At full throttle, even wet and sticky leaves are removed with no effort.  It has a simple trigger to adjust the power. I imagine this would also be useful for light snow. However, it did seem to need refilling a bit more than the previous item.

This machine is light and easy to use and reliable. It starts first time nearly every time and is also relatively quiet in use.

Garden Machinery Warehouse Petrol Leaf Blower

This Garden Machinery Warehouse Petrol Leaf Blower is another powerful leaf blower that is well designed and easy to use. It feels solid to use and starts reliably with no problems. It is also quite light, 5 kilos, but as it is hand held, I don’t find it quite as comfortable to use as a backpack style blower over long periods. It was easy to mix the fuel and fill the tank and it started reliably with just one or two attempts.

It comes with a mixing bottle and plug spanner.

Overall, a light and powerful leaf blower for an excellent price. It’s the best petrol leaf blower on a budget.

eSkde Petrol Leaf Blower

This eSkde Petrol Leaf Blower provides plenty of power in an easy to use backpack style machine. It has an adjustable throttle with cruise function which allows you to set the speed.

The padded straps are comfortable to wear, and you can use this machine for some time without becoming fatigued.

The 1 litre fuel tank allows you to get a moderate amount of work done before needing to stop to refuel. It comes with a mixing bottle and tool kit.

This moderately priced leaf blower is perfect for small to medium leaf clearing jobs.

Petrol Lead Blower Buying Guide

A petrol leaf blower can be an invaluable tool if you have lots of trees and shrubs in your garden. You can use the blower to get rid of leaves on the lawn or flower bed, quickly without damaging plants. It is also an essential piece of kit if you have a lot of leaves on a gravel driveway. A petrol blower gives you more power than an electric one and is easier to use as you don’t have to worry about setting up and moving extension leads.

There are a multitude of other uses for a leaf blower. It can be used to clean gutters, clear away light snow and dry your car.

When choosing the best petrol leaf blower for you there are several things to take into consideration.

Firstly, decide how powerful you need your machine to be. The most powerful ones are often heavier to use but they do make light work of clearing leaves. Take a look at the engine capacity and the wind speed the machine produces if you are not sure.

Consider whether you would prefer a hand held or backpack style leaf blower. Handheld models are light and easy to use, making them perfect for smaller clean up jobs. However, they do make your arm ache after a while. If you have a lot of leaves to clear, then a powerful machine in a backpack design might be the best petrol leaf blower for you.

Remember that a petrol leaf blower is a powerful machine so always read the manual carefully before use.

As leaf blowers are very powerful, so you should take care to follow basic safety procedures. Make sure there are no people or pets around when you are using yours. A leaf blower can pick up quite heavy objects and fling them quite a distance so take care. Also, make sure you are not too close to cars as you could chip the paintwork or windows. Keep clear of other structures to ensure you don’t cause any damage.

It is also advisable to wear hearing and eye protection when using a leaf blower as they are noisy and can blow up quite a lot of dust and debris.

Always use your leaf blower with consideration for your neighbours as they can be quite noisy and create a lot of dust.

Make sure you store the petrol and oil for you leaf blower in a dry safe place.


I am thinking of buying a leaf blower, but it seems a large tool for use just once a year. Is there anything else I can use one for?

There are several uses you can put your leaf blower to. Here are a few suggestions.

Keep your dryer vent clean

A build up of lint in your dryer vent is a fire hazard, so use your leaf blower to blow through the pipe and clear out all the dust and lint.

Clear snow

While a leaf blower is not the same as a snow blower, the most powerful products will still do a great job shifting light or powdery snow from your paths and driveway.

Clean your gutters

I frequently use a leaf blower to clear all the leaves and debris from my gutters. A leaf blower makes this a simple job. Just make sure no one is standing below you when you do this as they could get a nasty surprise and a covering of wet, mouldy leaves.

Dry your car

Leaving your car wet after washing can cause spots to form and spoil the appearance of the paintwork and glass. Using a leaf blower to dry your car will save you the effort of drying it with towels and give you a streak and spot free shine.

Clean your car

If your car has got really messy inside you can give it a blast with your leaf blower to get rid of most of the dust and debris, before finishing with the vacuum cleaner.

Clean your lawnmower

A leaf blower will also do a great job of cleaning grass clippings from your lawnmower after use, saving you getting your hands in there to do the job and stopping your mower getting clogged up.