7 Best Wheelie Bin Storage of 2024

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The Best Wheelie Bin Storage

The Best Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions
  1. Keter Store It Out Max Plastic Outdoor Garden Storage

  2. Keter Store It Out Midi Outdoor Garden Storage

  3. Rowlinson Double Wooden Wheelie Bin Store

  4. Woodside Double Wheelie Bin Screen

  5. MonsterShop 3 Wheelie Bin Store

  6. Combi 1 Wheelie Bin & 2 Recycling Box Wooden Store Storage Chest

  7. Quad 240L Wheelie Bin Wooden Store Storage Chest

Wheelie Bin Storage Reviews

Editors Choice
  • Lots of internal space so can fit 2 large 240 L wheelie bins
  • Can be padlocked to avoid anyone tampering with the bins
  • Will keep rain out so can be used to store garden cushions etc if needed
  • The roof stays up on its own which makes it a lot easier to put rubbish in the bins without having to hold up the lid at the same time
  • It's versatile and can be used for storing other items - shelves can be installed (bought separately) for storing smaller things

  • Some physical strength is needed to clip the panels together during assembly
  • Whilst assembly is not the worst, it can be a little complicated and may still take around 2 hours
  • There are 44 screws to go in, so a drill or electric screwdriver will help make assembly easier

There are a lot of ingenious ways nowadays to stop bad weather and pests from wreaking havoc with the bins. For example, if you’re looking for a safe space to store your large 240 L wheelie bins, the Keter Store-It-Out Max can comfortably fit two inside.

It’s a great way to stop dustbins getting blown over by high winds, plus it keeps them safely hidden away from rats and ravenous seagulls as well.

Even if your garden is pretty sheltered and free of rebellious wildlife, this is one of the best wheelie bin storage solutions for hiding away ugly bins; I know a lot of people have both a large green and black dustbin, so this is a convenient way to conceal them both out of sight.

Given that you can also padlock the lid of the unit, you can also place the Store-It-Out Max at the front of the house, without worrying about anyone tampering with the rubbish.

Unlike some wheelie bin storage units, it’s entirely closed on all sides. It has a stable floor and weather-resistant UPVC sides that make it water tight, but it’s still easy to open when required. When putting away rubbish, the piston-assisted lid is easy to open, and you can connect a chain from the lids to the bins so that their lids open at the same time. It’s a much better solution than feeling like you need an extra hand every time you put out the rubbish.

Then, when bin day rolls around, the entire front of the unit can be opened, meaning bins can be easily wheeled out, and safely returned to their home after they’ve been emptied. There’s actually a sloped threshold which helps get them in and out, so it’s not necessary to yank them over a ledge.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be exclusively for bins, measuring 112 x 134 x 79 cm on the inside, it can also be used to store bikes, gardening equipment, or toys. As previously mentioned, it’s sufficiently waterproof to keep everything dry.

The assembly can be a little complicated, which is perhaps the biggest negative about this wheelie bin store. It requires a steady, methodical approach and ideally an electric screwdriver for the 44 (!) individual screws. Get a friend involved and it will at least be a somewhat easier job.

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Runner Up
  • Ideal for small to medium size outdoor spaces
  • Very easy to wipe down if needed
  • Fits 2 x 120L wheelie bins
  • Guttering at the back prevents rain water from falling in when opening

  • Fitting the doors together during assembly can require a bit of manual strength to persuade them to slot together
  • No pistons to hold the lid open, so it will need to hold it up which is tricky when disposing of rubbish into a wheelie bin
  • Walls may flex if overfilled or if something heavy is pushing against them
  • Not suitable for storing very valuable items as the plastic is a little thin

If your wheelie bins have a capacity of 120 L, you likely don’t want to take up more space than necessary with a storage unit that’s a lot bigger than they are.

You should be able to fit the Keter Store-It-Out Midi in the same place that you currently keep your bins. It fits two 120 L bins inside and conceals them away behind a pleasant, neutral UPVC plastic exterior, with outside measurements of 130 x 110 x 74 cm.

Even if you’ve only got one wheelie bin to deal with, the weather-resistant finish of this unit actually makes it very watertight, so you can even store other items in it if you want to.

Like many wheelie bin storage units it can be closed with a padlock, so regardless of whether you’ve opted for storing a wheelie bin, bike or garden equipment, you can securely shut everything away. It’s also a good place for keeping foldable garden furniture. Just be careful, if you’re storing anything vaguely expensive, to conceal the unit well.

Unlike the larger ‘Maxi’ model from Keter, this wheelie bin store doesn’t have any pistons to help with keeping the lid open. It’s therefore slightly more difficult to manage in terms of throwing rubbish away – you have to hold open the lids by yourself before chucking the bag in.

The sloped threshold at the entrance features in this model as well though, making it easy to wheel bins out when bin day comes along.

One thing to note is that the plastic feels a little thinner than you might want for storing very valuable items. It’s suitable for bins, and other general garden items, but if you’re looking for a place to store expensive garden machinery there are more secure options out there.

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Also Good
  • The timber finish looks natural in the garden but can also be painted to a colour of your choice to fit in with other furniture or garden colour schemes
  • Wood is pressure treated against rot meaning it won't need additional treatment for several years
  • Chains attach from the store lid to the lid of your bin meaning you don't have to touch the dustbin itself when throwing away rubbish
  • There is a wooden prop included which can hold up the lid meaning you can have both hands free

  • Most of the panels aren’t pre-drilled so assembly can be a long process
  • The back of the unit is open so it needs to be placed against a wall
  • Assembly instructions could be more informative
  • Weighs 50 kg so is best assembled in the location you’d like it to end up in as it's quite difficult to move around

I know that some gardeners prefer wooden accessories in their garden over plastic ones. Of course, you do generally have to pay a bit more for them, but if you’re keen to keep your wheelie bin(s) hidden in a more natural-looking shelter, something like the Wooden Wheelie Bin Store from Rowlinson is an attractive option to go for.

The timber construction blends in with the greenery and surroundings of the garden, whilst the fact that it’s pressure treated means it won’t rot or suffer from insect infestations.

Seeing as this wheelie bin store has a wooden exterior, there’s always the option to paint it as well – so whilst it’s a light timber colour when it arrives, you could make it darker to fit in with other furniture, or even paint it to be a bit more colourful if that’s your garden theme.

In terms of size, it measures 128 cm high and 126 cm across, with a depth of 82 cm. This is a decent size to fit two standard wheelie bins up to 110 cm tall.

When it comes to throwing rubbish away, you only need to open the lid to the storage unit, and the wheelie bin lids will open simultaneously because they are connected together with a chain. Therefore, there’s actually no need to touch the wheelie bin itself, and you can prop the lid open as well, leaving you with two hands free to deal with the rubbish.

To keep the bins in place, there’s a small sliding lock on the doors which stops them from blowing open, but it’s still easy to undo when the time comes to take the bins out.

The primary difference between this bin store and the Keter Store-It-Out, also featured on this page, is the level of protection offered from the elements. This Rowlinson Bin Store has an open back, so needs to be positioned against a wall, and slatted sides; it’s great for hiding away unsightly bins, but it won’t be suitable for storing other garden equipment because it’s not watertight.

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  • Willow design is natural and unobtrusive in the garden, blending in with the existing hues
  • Assembly takes between 5 – 15 minutes and is suitable for those without DIY experience
  • Comfortably fits 2 standard-size wheelie bins
  • A good option for those who don’t want a larger, more permanent, storage box in the garden
  • One of the most affordable bin storage solutions

  • Likely to become unstable in strong winds which may result in it falling over
  • May need to be secured to the wall during bad weather – this can be done using bungee straps/ropes
  • You have to physically move the screen so that you can get round it to throw rubbish away

If you don’t want to build a semi-permanent structure in the garden, but are still keen to tuck your bins out of sight, this Double Wheelie Bin Screen is one of the best wheelie bin storage solutions for hiding bins away without having to spend hours on assembly first.

Even if you’re a dab hand at DIY, there are some things we don’t want to spend our precious free time on – and wheelie bin storage might just be one of them. This hand-woven willow screen takes very little time (we’re talking 5 – 15 minutes) to put together. It’s also, therefore, a great option for people who aren’t so confident with their DIY skills as well.

Once you set it up, it will measure 121 cm wide and 115 cm tall, with a depth of 80 cm. This means it’s large enough to conceal two standard wheelie bins out of sight. Also, due to its willow construction, it’s relatively lightweight, meaning it can be picked up and moved wherever.

This light build might make it sound like the screen will fall over easily, but it remains pretty stable in most weather. Only high winds might cause it to blow over. This is probably this model’s biggest shortcoming, as otherwise it’s an inexpensive option capable of hiding bins well. Using bungee cords may be one solution for securing the screen to a fence when the weather is more turbulent.

Overall, it’s a good, affordable option for disguising the bins, and whilst it might not be as durable as some of the more ‘permanent’ wheelie bin storage options, it’s still more than capable of lasting several years.

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  • Slatted design allows for airflow and stops odours from getting trapped within the unit
  • Suitable for flats with several bins, or large households, as it can hold 3 x 240 L dustbins
  • Comes with a fixing kit included for attaching to the wall or fence
  • The chain holds the lid open which means it doesn’t have to be held whilst disposing of rubbish

  • The latches on the doors only work if a padlock is used, without a padlock there is no way of keeping them latched closed and the doors may swing open in bad weather
  • Very heavy so unless you have a few extra pairs of hands, it’ll need to be installed in the area you’d like to keep it
  • It may be difficult to open your bin lid fully when it’s inside the unit because the storage unit’s lid interferes with the lid of the dustbin
  • Can’t be used to store items that need to be kept dry due to the slatted design and backless unit

Whether you live in a flat with several unsightly bins out front, or are part of a larger household, you might be after a way to hide three large dustbins.

You can store any three bins, up to 240 L each, in the 3 Wheelie Bin Store from MonsterShop. That could be two black bins and one green recycling bin, or just your and your neighbours’ black bins.

Each of the three bins have their own compartments, with doors that can be locked with a padlock. This can also help stop people from stealing your wheelie bin if it has to sit in plain sight of the road. Unfortunately, this is more of a common occurrence than some may think; but, if it’s happened to you, you’re probably fed up of having to pay for a new dustbin each time.

Also, if you’re sharing the unit with neighbours, everyone can have their own lock and key to avoid any disputes.

The timber construction is a lot more pleasant to look at than plastic dustbins as well, so it can improve the appearance of either the front or back garden. Plus, it can be painted if you would prefer it do be stained darker or a different colour.

A chain holds the lid open, so that you don’t have to hold it whilst sorting out the rubbish, but you still have to open the in lid separately. You can, however, lean it against the lid of the storage unit once it’s open, so you can then have both hands free.

There’s no base on this one, meaning it needs to be positioned on level ground. And the back is open so it will need to be positioned up against a wall. It’s also slatted, which is good news for stopping odours from getting trapped inside, but does mean that pests could still access inside the unit if they wanted to.

Nevertheless, it’s the best wheelie bin store if you want to conceal up to three bins.

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  • Sturdy unit made from pressure-treated wood which will last for a long time without rotting
  • A chain connects the unit lid to the bin lid, meaning the bin opens automatically when the chest lid is raised
  • Completely conceals 1 x 240 L bin and two recycling boxes, with an attractive finish that completely disguises them
  • Some other outdoor gardening items can be stored in the unit, especially during summer

  • Heavy once assembled so should be built near where you’d like it to go
  • There’s no place to fit a padlock, so it is only secured with the bolts
  • As there is no base attached, the unit is not completely watertight

Whilst bins sit outside, a lot of us end up with our recycling boxes taking up valuable space inside the house. Mostly, because it’s hard to keep them dry anywhere else. Fortunately, the Combi Wooden Chest from Qubox offers a sheltered area outside, with enough space for a wheelie bin and two recycling boxes.

The sturdy pressure-treated timber chest completely hides away a standard 240 L bin along with the recycling. It’s such a robust unit that it doesn’t even look like a bin store (the ultimate disguise…!).

Of course, you pay slightly more for such an attractive ‘mini shed’, but it’ll likely out last even a lot of your bins.

Each recycling box has its own shelf, so it can be individually accessed to avoid having to stack them. It’s a system which makes the task of having to sort out the disarray of recycling much easier, and keeps it out the house.

Once assembled, this wheelie bin storage unit measures 120 cm high and 133.5 cm across with a depth of 84.5 cm. There’s no base, so it does require enough space to place it somewhere with a level surface; if you place it on gravel, you can mostly fill in the gap under the doors, but if you place it on paving there will be a space at the bottom.

Because of this, it’s not entirely watertight, despite being otherwise well insulated, but you could still use the storage shelves for keeping some other garden-related items on.

However, it’s not recommended to keep anything too valuable inside; the doors are locked by two bolts to stop them swinging open unannounced, but there’s no way to secure them with a padlock.

The wheelie bin can stay in situ whilst you throw away any rubbish, and its lid connects to the lid of the storage unit with a chain so that they both open at the same time.

Overall, it’s one of the best wheelie bin storage solutions if you only have one wheelie bin and are looking for somewhere really tidy to store it alongside your recycling.

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  • Suitable for large households, blocks of flats, and businesses
  • Although it requires 2 people to assemble, it’s relatively straightforward to put together
  • Wood is pressure treated so it does not need any additional treatment before assembly
  • Shelves can be added to any of the compartments, although you’ll need some DIY know how as it's not part of the existing design

  • Needs to be assembled in a very large area as it measures 285 cm across
  • Heavy, so should be built in the location where you want it to go
  • There’s no base which means it isn’t completely water tight
  • Can’t be padlocked closed, only bolted

Qubox reliably offer very ‘complete’ storage solutions for bins. Their Quad wheelie bin storage chest completely conceals 4 x 240 L dustbins in a way that actually makes them look nice (and not like a massive eyesore).

As you can imagine, due to its capacity, it’s a large storage unit, so it’s probably most appropriate for blocks of flats, small hotels, or businesses that have a consistent need for rubbish storage.

It’s one of the best wheelie bin storage solutions for tidying away a large number of bins in an attractive way, capable of keeping the exteriors of properties looking clean and desirable, instead of like a massive bin parking lot.

There’s quite a lot of assembly required, and once it’s put together the storage chest (/small shed) measures 120 cm high by 285 cm wide. It’s 80.5 cm deep as well, so it’s actually no deeper or taller than other units, just substantially longer.

As a result, this therefore isn’t for small residential homes – it needs quite a lot of space, on a flat, level surface, to be positioned correctly.

Each lid opens individually, with a chain that can be wrapped around the lid of the wheelie bin in order to make it open at the same time as the storage unit lid. The bins are all stored in their own individual compartment, and you can unbolt each door separately.

There’s a small gap at the front so that the door can open without catching on the ground, which does mean that it’s not entirely watertight, and there’s no base. However, the back and sides make it a robust unit.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s very heavy as a result of this fairly comprehensive construction, and, therefore, it should be built in situ as it will be difficult to carry and reposition once assembled.

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Clive's Smart Buying Tips

  1. The best wheelie bin storage will hide bins in an aesthetically-pleasing way, whilst still keeping them easily accessible.
  2. Look for a fully-enclosed unit with lockable doors if you want a watertight option that will keep pests out. The best low-maintenance, waterproof units are made from UPVC. These are also lightweight, less expensive than wood, and easy to assemble – a good, hassle-free option.
  3. However, you might want to choose a wooden option if you’re after a more natural, sympathetic design. Choose pressure-treated wood where possible, but be aware that all wood will eventually require treating annually.
  4. If you want to store items other than bins, you’ll need to avoid slatted or open-back units. However, these features can be beneficial to bin storage because they allow for ventilation and don’t trap odours. Alternatively, if you’re working to a budget, a simple woven screen is the best way to cheaply conceal bins.
  5. Based on our research, to store two regular 120 L bins, you’ll want a unit of around 130 x 74 x 110 cm. For storing two large 240 L bins, I recommend a unit of at least 145 x 80 x 125 cm. 

Overall, I’ve chosen the Keter Store It Out Max Plastic Outdoor Garden Storage as my top recommendation because of its size and versatility. It’s a fully-enclosed, lockable unit made from UPVC. Thanks to its 1200 L capacity, it can house 2 x 240 L wheelie bins or other items such as bikes, gardening equipment and toys.

How to Choose The Best Wheelie Bin Storage Unit

The Benefits of Buying a Wheelie Bin Storage Solution

As mentioned, a wheelie bin storage unit will hide away any unsightly dustbins, concealing them inside an attractive shed, or behind a screen, that will look great in your garden.

Not only are these units great for housing bins, but many of the ‘shed style’ models often have a little bit of space leftover for storing other items too. This means you can also use them to store tools, pet supplies, BBQ equipment, or toys. If you want to store these kinds of items, make sure to buy a weathertight bin store – some are slatted or have open backs.

In addition to storing your dustbin, and/or other miscellaneous items, some wheelie bin storage units have sections designed for keeping your recycling boxes. Given that recycling boxes aren’t much better on the attractiveness scale than wheelie bins, it’s great to have somewhere to hide them away too.

Finally, storing your wheelie bin away keeps it safe and secure. The fully enclosed units, or those which are positioned on concrete with their backs against a wall, will stop animals from being able to investigate your bins. This is especially useful if you sometimes end up with ransacked bin bags from pests paying a visit.

Also, if you have to keep your dustbin in the front garden, visible from the road, a storage unit can dissuade anyone from running off with your wheelie bin. Whilst bin-thievery doesn’t happen too often, some people do find that they wake up in the morning only to find their bin has been stolen. This is even less likely to happen if the bin store closes with a padlock.

To summarise, the benefits of investing in a wheelie bin storage unit are:

  • Concealing unsightly bins
  • Storing recycling boxes
  • Storing other items like gardening equipment and children’s toys
  • Stopping animals from ransacking the bins
  • Stopping wind from blowing bins over
  • Dissuading any potential wheelie bin thieves from stealing your dustbin!

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Choosing the Right Size

As demonstrated in these reviews, there are a range of sizes on offer when it comes to wheelie bin storage.

You’ll want to choose a bin store that is big enough for the number of bins/items that you want to conceal (but that also stores them correctly for your needs).

For example, the Double Wheelie Bin Screen is great for storing up to two wheelie bins. However, it will only hide them from sight and will not protect them from the elements or pests.

Consider the size of your wheelie bins and what else you may wish to store in the unit. Most models state what capacity of bin they are able to house, plus how many.

If you have two large bins, the Keter Store-It-Out Max is a great choice. However, if you only need to store smaller bins, you can downsize to the Keter Store-It-Out Midi Resin Outdoor Garden Storage unit.

It may be tempting to go for the biggest model possible. But you also want to consider the size of your garden and whether the unit will look overbearing. Additionally, some units are better suited to more commercial use, like the Quad wheelie bin storage chest from Qubox which would likely be unsuitable for a single garden (it’s huge!).

You can add shelves into some wheelie bin storage units. If you buy a three-bin unit when you only have two bins, you might be able to turn the third unit into shelved space. This is just an idea though – you’ll need to check the design of the storage unit before buying it to see if this is possible.

Which is Better: UPVC Plastic or Wood

The majority of wheelie bin storage units are made from either UPVC plastic or wood. There are always pros and cons when it comes to choosing between these two materials, and it may ultimately come down to personal preference, but here are some of the most useful points to consider:

UPVC Plastic Contruction


    • Weathertight – particularly when these models come as a self-contained unit (back and floor included), they are extremely effective at protecting the contents from the elements.
    • No maintenance – unlike wood, UPVC plastic doesn’t need to be treated in order for it to maintain its weatherproof qualities.
    • Lightweight – these models are generally lighter than wooden ones meaning they can be moved around easily and aren’t heavy during assembly.


      • Not as environmentally friendly due to the materials that are required for their production
      • Artificial appearance when compared to wood
      • Tend to stand out more in the garden instead of blending in

Wooden Construction


    • Attractive, natural appearance which tends to blend in better than with with the natural hues of the garden.
    • Choice of designs – wood offers versatility; slatted designs, enclosed box options, or woven willow screens.
    • You can often paint wooden options with the colour of your choice so they offer a lot of design flexibility.


    • Needs to be treated for the weather – it’s good practise to re-apply sealant every year to make sure the wood doesn’t rot.
    • Often heavier than plastic units making them harder to reposition.
    • May not be weathertight – a lot of wooden designs are slatted, or come without a base or back wall, which can mean they’re not as watertight as plastic ones.
    • Tend to be more complicated to assemble than plastic units.

Different Styles of Wheelie Bin Storage

The style that you choose for your wheelie bin storage unit will depend on your desired function for it.

Screen vs Enclosed Storage Unit

  • A screen will simply hide ugly bins, stopping them from being an eyesore. It won’t offer any protection from the elements, nor any ingenious ways to access the bin. You will have to physically move a screen to access the bins. They’re really easy to assemble which makes them a quick choice, and a good option for those who don’t want to do DIY.
  • A storage unit is more stable and will generally do a better job at protecting the contents from the weather. However, they are more permanent structures that require a lot longer in terms of assembly time.
  • If you get an enclosed storage unit, there may also be space for a recycling box compartment. Some units have compartments specifically designed to keep the boxes separate and orderly.

Backless Storage Units Without Bases

  • Some wheelie bin storage units come without a back, or floor. This means they weigh less, but need to be positioned against a wall. If positioned against a wall and on hard ground, they can still deter most pests from accessing your bins (however some may be able to sneak under the door).
  • These units are not very weathertight and need to be positioned on level ground.
  • It’s often wooden units which are backless/baseless, but it is possible to find a wooden unit that does have a back and base, it’ll just be quite heavy.

Hinged Lid Design 

  • A hinged lid is extremely practical – if the storage unit you’re looking at doesn’t have a hinged lid, ask yourself how easy or quick it will be to access the bin. If you think it’ll take a while, especially when your hands are full with rubbish, you might want to change to look for a hinged option.
  • Many hinged lids come with a chain that can be attached to the wheelie bin lid. This is a great design feature because when you open the lid of the unit, the lid of the bin will open simultaneously.

Storage Unit Security

  • Fully enclosed wooden units are harder to break into than plastic units. If you’re only storing your bins inside, you might not be that worried about how secure it is, but if you plan on storing other things be aware that plastic can be quite easily cut through.
  • Units with bolted front doors, as seen on the Keter Store-It-Out Max, can often be made more secure with the addition of a padlock. Of course, padlocks can always be cut, but they’ll likely deter most people.
  • Locked doors also stop pests from being able to access the bins so it’s good to have at least a simple bolt to stop animals from ransacking the rubbish.

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