In this guide we’ll take a look at the best garden shredders for the UK market.
I’ve compared shredding power, cutting width, reliability and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Garden Shredder?

  • Features
  • Shreds fast - 230kg per hour!
  • Takes wide branches up to 4.5cm
  • Has a large 53 collection bag
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good value for money
  • Incredibly light at only 12kg
  • Can handle branches up to 4cm wide
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Best budget garden shredder
  • Great features for the price
  • Pretty quiet at only 98 decibels
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Another solid budget option
  • Very light (11.5kg) for easy portability
  • Perfect for lighter garden work
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Trusted British brand
  • Solid 2,400 watt engine
  • Good safety features
  • Cost

More Detailed Garden Shredder Reviews

Bosch AXT 25 TC Quiet Garden Shredder

My top recommended model is the Bosch AXT 25 TC, a high end garden shredder with top features. However just be aware, it’s not the cheapest!

Here’s why I think it’s so good – firstly, like with most garden equipment, the more power the better. At 2,500 watts, she’s got a bloody good motor on her. To throw some more figures your way, this results in 4100 reps per minute and a shredding rate of 230kg per hour. That’s a lot of garden waste it can chomp through!

It’s also got quite a unique blade which Bosch call their ‘turbine-cut system’. Essentially this means it’s able to both chop and crush, making it versatile enough to handle anything from hard wood to soft greenery.

If you look through the reviews of other buyers, this Bosch garden shredder is praised for how rarely it’ll jam. In the rare case it does, the unit is actually quite sophisticated. It has a neat touchpad control, so you just press the reverse button.

Another feature sets the Bosch AXT 25 TC apart is its cutting capacity. At 4.5cm, it trumps 95% of the market that’s limited to 4cm. Now this probably doesn’t warrant you going out to measure your branches, but it’s good to know you’re getting a wide capacity.

And speaking of capacity, it’s got a 53 litre collection box which is bigger than most. The box also plays a key role in keeping you safe – the unit won’t operate unless it’s securely in place, which just gives you that added piece of mind.

Next, I challenge you to find a quieter shredder! At just 82 decibels, you won’t have to worry about annoying your neighbours. However, if you don’t really get on, you may want to consider a louder model – or perhaps a petrol garden shredder!

In terms of storage, it’s been designed very well. You can simply remove the hopper which makes it 30% smaller. Standing at 67cm you can tuck it away neatly in your garage or shed.

The only real downside when considering this model to the others I’ve reviewed is its weight. At 35kg it’s quite heavy, compared to the others which sit at about 15kg. I don’t find it much of an issue though as it’s got 2 wheels on the back.

Overall, this is a top of the range shredder, with industry leading features. It wins my vote for the best garden shredder you can buy!

Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Garden Shredder

My second pick is the solid Bosch AXT Rapid 2200. It’s by far the most popular garden shredder on the market as it has a good balance between features and price. It’s a very good mid-range option.

It’s got a 2,200 watt Bosch Power-Drive motor, capable of shredding branches up to 4cm. And at just 12kg it’s incredibly light, so you’ll have no issues wheeling it around your garden.

Where it differs somewhat is that instead of a waste collection box, it comes with the option of a bag. More versatile? Perhaps. For some it might be quite handy taking a bag to the dump or leaving it outside on rubbish collection day, as opposed to leaving your expensive bit of kit outside! Ultimately though, box or bag, it just comes down to your personal preference.

Overall, this Bosch garden shredder is a tried and tested product from a reputable brand. It’s got great features at an acceptable price, and this makes it one of the best garden shredder options on the market.

Dirty Pro Tools™ Garden Shredder

My third choice is the Dirty Pro Tools Garden Shredder, in my opinion it’s the best garden shredder on a budget.

Now it doesn’t have the fancy branding and visual appeal of a Bosch garden shredder, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in features and price.

At 2,500 watts, it actually matches the Bosch AXT 25 TC in terms of power. And with 4050 reps per minute, it’s no slouch.

It’s got your standard cutting width of 4cm and a good sized collection box at 50 litres. I’m a fan of the large wheels, and at just 15kg in weight it’s very easy to manoeuvre around your garden.

It’s relatively quiet; at 98 decibels you won’t be bothering the neighbours too much. Furthermore it’s got a 6 meter power cable which is longer than most.

Why I rate this Dirty Pro Tools shredder so highly is because of its unrivalled value for money. It’s features come close to the Bosch AXT 25 TC, but is considerably cheaper. It’s without question the best garden shredder you’ll find for the money.

That doesn’t mean to say it’s impeccable though. It’s certainly not as efficient as dealing with leaves as the Bosch, and as you’d expect, it’s going to be a bit more prone to blockages. The trick is to understand its limits, and not trying to push your luck!

Overall though, for those on a budget this model is the choice; all the features of a high-end model, for a fraction of the price.

Homegear Electric Garden Shredder

Next up we have a another great budget option, this time from Homegear. This is the cheapest garden shredder of the five, but still packs great features and solid reviews.

It’s got a good motor at 2,400 watts (more than the Bosch AXT Rapid mentioned above), and a 4cm cutting width.

It doesn’t have the ruggedness of your Bosch’s of this world, but at just 11.5kg, it’s the lightest of the lot.

Ultimately, you need to buy the right garden shredder for your needs. If you’re tending to masses of overgrown branches and bushes, you’re going to a heavy duty garden shredder. However, if you simply want a cheap garden shredder to deal with smaller clippings, and perhaps top up your compost heap, this is a great option.

Draper 35900 Garden Shredder

In a very respectable fifth, we have the Draper 35900 model. Similar in appearance to the Bosch models, this is a well-designed and sturdy shredder. It also packs a punch too with twin reversible blades powered by a 2,400 watt engine.

It’s also got to be praised for its safety features with a built-in emergency stop brake, and protection when restarting.

The housing also has a clever quick-release feature to help remove any frustrating blockages.

I have to say though; the 3 meter power cable is rather thoughtless, especially when you compare it to the Dirty Pro Tools model which is double the size. I appreciate we’re not talking about a lawn mower here, but still, you should be able to transport it to the back of your garden without needing an extension lead.

Overall, the Draper 35900 is a very good model by a well-established British company. Oh and it’s known to be quite noisy too – so if you don’t like your neighbours, this is the one for you!

Garden Shredder Buying Guide & FAQ

What are the benefits of garden shredder?

There are several key benefits to buying a garden shredder.

Firstly, they can massively reduce the volume of your garden waste.

When I was a kid, we were lucky enough to live opposite some woods. I’ll always remember my Dad transporting wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of branches and clippings every time the garden needed tidying up. For the majority without this luxury, your only alternatives are trying to cram it into your council garden waste bag, or multiple trips to the dump. And don’t even get me started on how messy this gets your car!

Secondly, the little chips and shreds make a great addition to your compost.

The trick to a healthy compost heap is a good balance between your ‘greens’ and your ‘browns’. The greens are nitrogen-rich, whilst the browns are carbon-rich. Having a garden shredder than can handle both will enable you to get the balance just right.

Next, the shredded chips provided great insulation. 

Over the past year I’ve been growing my own date palms. But like many up-and-comers, plummeting temperatures can take their toll. Good insulation is a must. This is where your garden shredder can help out. Run a few branches through it, and use the wood chips to protect the base and roots.

Lastly, the waste makes great mulch!

Feeding garden matter back into your soil is a great idea. Not only does it give your plants added nutrients, it acts as a barrier against weeds, and some nice wood chipping look very attractive too. All you need is a good garden shredder and you’re set!

How do garden shredders work?

Garden shredders work much in the same way as your classic paper shredder. You feed in the branches and clippings, and it will automatically pull the matter through the machine, cutting it into small pieces as it goes.

Once the collection box or bag underneath is full, you simply empty and you’re good to go again.

What types of garden shredder are there?

There are 3 main types of garden shredder.

Impact Shredders – These have a blade that spins at a very high frequency – many over 4,000 times per minute. As the matter passes through the blade chops it into small pieces. This is generally the best garden shredder type for most households.

Roller Shredders – These use a different kind of technology. You have a rolling drum up against a fixed metal plate. As the matter passes through, it gets crushed by the mechanism. These shredders tend to be a lot quieter, and you don’t have to worry about blunt blades. However, the units are usually bigger and heavier.

Turbine Cutter Shredders – These shredders combine the technologies of both Impact and Roller to crush and chop the matter as it passes through. This gives you the best of both worlds, and a shredder than can handle both ‘greens’ and ‘browns’.

What NOT to put through your garden shredder?

Hopefully it goes without saying that you should not put soil or stones through your shredder. Soil will clog it and stones will absolutely annihilate it! Just make sure that you brush off any roots or plants before they go through.

Next up, you’re asking for trouble by putting any damp matter through. It’ll stop the blades being able to run efficiently, and ultimately lead to a jam.

And lastly, for those that ask ‘will a garden shredder shed paper or cardboard’… it won’t. It doesn’t have the same mechanism as a paper shredder and will most likely jam.

Should you hire a garden shredder or buy one?

Having done a bit of research, electric garden shredder hire costs about £30-£45 per day. If you want a petrol one, you’re looking at close to £100.

Now, if you know you’re only going to need it for one day, it’s certainly cheaper. Anything more than 2-3 days and you’re better off buying one.

How much are garden shredders?

Garden shredders for the home can cost anything from about £80 to £400. If you’re after a heavy duty petrol shredder, perhaps for professional use, you’re looking at anywhere from £500 all the way up to £1000.