4 Best Garden Swing Seats For Relaxing In Your Garden (2021 Review)

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In this guide we’ll look at the best garden swing seats for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, durability, comfort and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What is the Best Garden Swing Seat?

In a rush? Here's my top choice...

Kingfisher Hardwood Garden Swing Seat Hammock

Relaxing, comfortable seat with rain and sun cover

This Kingfisher Hardwood Garden Swing Seat Hammock is made from solid wood and comes with a seat cushion and canopy. The canopy protects from rain and provides shade cover in the sun. The seat has enough space for two people and is very sturdy. It provides a gentle, relaxing swing.


Everything I Recommend

  • Quality wooden structure
  • Includes waterproof canopy
  • Offers great value for money
  • Attractively designed
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Maintenance free
  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Premium Swedish redwood
  • Attractive, durable design
  • Stylish modern design
  • Perfect for sitting or lying down
  • Maintenance free

More Detailed Garden Swing Seat Reviews

Kingfisher Hardwood Garden Swing Seat Hammock

  • Quality wooden structure
  • Includes waterproof canopy
  • Offers great value for money

Kingfisher Hardwood Garden Swing Seat Hammock Review

The best thing about swing seats is how relaxing and stylish they can be, and this Kingfisher Hardwood Garden Swing Seat Hammock performs well on both accounts.

The dark brown hardwood construction looks good against the natural hues of the garden, and it comes with a fabric cushion and canopy included.

Both the cushion and canopy are made from dark green polyester; they’re water resistant, but should be ideally be covered or brought in during really bad weather. However, if there is a passing shower, the canopy should be sufficient for keeping the cushion (and you!) dry.

Strong winds can damage the fabric shade though, so fitting a protective cover over the top in winter should help avoid this. The wood will also require regular oiling or treating if it is left out all year round.

Chains are used to suspend the bench off the ground, and they can support the weight of two people. They’re not length adjustable, but it’s still comfortable for people over 6 foot.

Looking at all of the dimensions, it’s a relatively ‘petite’ unit overall, measuring 166 x 123 x 178 cm. This makes it one of the best garden swing seats for smaller spaces, but it may be a bit ‘cosy’ for some people – two people are unlikely to have much wiggle room and the depth of the bench is relatively narrow at around 48 cm.

It’s a particularly good choice for those who are looking for a swinging bench that won’t overwhelm a small garden, or will fit into a corner. It’s sturdy, attractive, and not too difficult to assemble despite the fact it arrives flat packed.

Putting it together will take between one to two hours.


  • The canopy will keep the seat dry during a brief shower
  • Assembly is easy with all pieces supplied in separate bags for each building stage
  • Cushion included which is customised to bench size
  • Can be left out year-round when used with a cover and treated regularly


  • The angle of the canopy is not adjustable so can't be altered depending on the position of the sun
  • Seat is a little low so it may be difficult for some people to get in and out easily
  • Very heavy at 40.7 kg, so it’s a struggle to move to another spot in the garden or out of the way for mowing

Blenheim 3 Seat Garden Swing Seat Hammock

  • Attractively designed
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Maintenance free

Blenheim 3 Seat Garden Swing Seat Hammock Review

Whilst we can’t always bank on blazing sun here in the UK, this Blenheim 3 Seat Garden Swing Seat Hammock will literally keep you covered if/when it does burst through the clouds.

It’s not uncommon for swing seats to have a sun shade, but on this Blenheim model the canopy is adjustable and can be moved through approximately 90°. This means it can be moved to follow the sun when sitting outside on a bright day, without needing to move the entire bench.

Fortunately, the canopy is also showerproof, made from polyester fabric, so even if there’s a bit of rain instead, the seats (and anyone sitting on them!) will be kept dry.

The frame is made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, and measures 200 x 195 x 140 cm in total. This is therefore one of the larger options featured on this page, and one of the best garden swing seats for larger families considering it has space for three people.

However, despite its roomy size, the weight limit of 200 kg may prove problematic for some households; if three people sit together, they’ll need to be careful not to exceed the limit. 200 kg divided by three is 66 kg, which isn’t overly generous.

This is one of the more contemporary designs when it comes to swing seats, not only for its three-person style but also its cream colouring and Textilene seats. They are weatherproof and easy to wipe down, and there are no cushions to worry about.

If you do want cushions, it’s not all that easy to find ones that are compatible with the size of the seats, but some outdoor chair cushions may be appropriate.

Assembly will take two people around thirty minutes so it’s not too difficult to put together, with all the required tools and fixings included. There are also rubber feet on the ends of the legs to stop it from sliding around on hard surfaces.


  • Polyester canopy is showerproof and will protect the seats during light rain
  • Quick to assemble in around 30 minutes with all of the tools and fixings also included
  • The canopy can be moved depending on where the sun is
  • Ample space for 3 people to sit comfortably
  • Comes with rubber feet for grip on patios


  • Very heavy at 45 kg, so difficult to move around the garden
  • At 2 m wide, this swing seat may be too large for smaller outdoor spaces
  • When divided between three people, the weight capacity of 200 kg may be easy to accidentally exceed

Churnet Valley Wooden Garden Swing Seat Hammock

  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • Premium Swedish redwood
  • Attractive, durable design

Churnet Valley Wooden Garden Swing Seat Hammock Review

If your garden calls for furniture that is more ‘rustic’ than ‘contemporary’, this Churnet Valley Wooden Garden Swing Seat Hammock has a natural wooden finish along with trellis side panels and ‘armchair’ style armrests.

Churnet Valley Garden Furniture are family business who have a small workshop situated in Staffordshire (in the Churnet Valley, hence the company name), so the bench is assembled by craftsmen in the UK.

It’s made from FSC certified Redwood timber that has been pressure treated so there’s very little that needs doing in terms of maintenance; it’s already protected from rot and insect infestations. There’s no painting needed and it already has a traditional look which will suit a lot of gardens.

Unlike the other swing seats featured on this page, this Churnet Valley seat doesn’t have a fabric canopy, but a slatted wooden one. In terms of aesthetic, this means the whole bench is pleasingly made from the same material, but it will only offer partial shade and limited protection from rain.

Measuring 180 x 125 x 180 cm, it has a relatively large frame for a two-seater bench, and the seat length itself is 105 cm which will seat two adults. There’s no cushion included, but the edge of the bench is rounded off so there are no sharp edges.

Assembly is relatively straight forward given that the unit comes part assembled. Two people can put it together in less than an hour with the help of a power screwdriver. All of the slats for the seat screw in from behind so there are none visible from the front.


  • Arrives part-assembled and is easy to finish putting together at home
  • Wood has been pre-treated so is low maintenance and can be left outside
  • Wood is FSC certified so comes from a sustainable source
  • Suitable for seating two adults
  • Slatted roof offers partial shade on hot days


  • Slatted roof does not provide full shade or protection from rain
  • No cushions come included
  • A power screwdriver is required for assembly
  • Weighs 65 kg so is difficult to move around the garden

Jarder Two Seater Garden Swing Seat Hammock

  • Stylish modern design
  • Perfect for sitting or lying down
  • Maintenance free

Jarder Two Seater Garden Swing Seat Hammock Review

If you want to take garden lounging to another level, the Jarder Two Seater Garden Swing Seat Hammock allows you to adopt a reclining position so you can literally ‘put your feet up’ when sitting outside.

There are even built-in drinks trays on either side of the seat which is somewhat revelatory; it totally cuts out all of that ‘leaning down to pick up your cup of tea’ business. The trays and frame are made from heavy-duty steel which is a black colour to match the Textilene seats.

When the polyester canopy isn’t needed, it can be removed to make the seat into more of a sun lounger, but it can also protect from showers when it’s on. Velcro is used which means it’s easy to attach and detach relatively quickly.

As you can imagine, due to its ‘reclining’ design, this seat takes up quite a lot of space. It measures 179 x 206 x 182 cm making it a great option for medium/large gardens, but it will likely overpower a smaller space.

Winter storage may also pose a problem. Once put together, it can be disassembled in part by removing the canopy and seat, but is difficult to break down further. Therefore, quite a lot of space is required in the shed. Alternatively, purchasing a separate waterproof cover will allow it to be kept outside year-round.

Overall, this is one of the best garden swing seats for bringing an bit of extra relaxation to the garden. Compared to standard benches it’s a bit like the sitting in a reclining sun lounger compared to a standard upright deckchair.

It comes with a headrest, but no other cushions, and the headrest can be removed if you wish.


  • Allows possibility to sit in a reclining position as well as a more upright seated position
  • Can be assembled by one person without difficulty
  • Canopy is removable - perfect if you want more sunshine
  • The angle of the canopy can be adjusted to continue providing shade as the sun moves


  • Water can collect in the drinks trays which isn't easy to get out
  • Aesthetically, the colour of the canopy does not match the frame
  • Getting in and out takes a bit of practise to not create a big swing and may not be that easy for some people
  • The pillow may be positioned a little high for some people

Things to Know Before Buying a Garden Swing Seat

A swing seat adds a bit more interest to the garden than just a standard bench.

They’re often a bit more fun and welcoming, and it’s not uncommon to find models that have canopies built in as well.

There are options which are more upright, as well as those that offer the possibility to recline. But all of them provide that enjoyable, relaxing  ‘weightless’ feeling.

If you’re on the look out for a garden swing seat, the following information should give you a good idea of what to look out for (as well as what to avoid).

There are a lot of different designs available when it comes to swing seats, and it’s impossible to say which is the best; many things will come down to personal taste.

However, here’s a run down of some of the different designs and features available, so you can decide what to look for:

1, 2 or 3 + Seats

Swing seats are not always limited to just two people.

The classic designs are generally suited to two adults, but there are models which can seat up to four people or more.

There are also smaller swing seats, like hanging egg chairs, that seat just one person.

Of course, a unit with more seats will be larger and more difficult to 1) find space for in the garden, and 2) store away for winter. They can also be more expensive too. But if you have a larger family, or like to entertain, they could be a great option.

The mains thing to watch out for is the weight capacity limit on the swing seat. Some units have much higher maximum capacities than others, and it’s best not to presume that just because a there are four seats, any four people can sit down.

More information on weight capacity can be found in the section below titled ‘Swing Seat Weight Capacity’.

Protective Canopies

Most swing seats have some form of canopy; however, not all canopies are created equal.

Adjustable canopies can be positioned to offer maximum shade from the sun throughout the day. This isn’t a feature that is available on all swing seats, but might be useful if get a lot of sun in your garden.

Most of the time, canopies are made from showerproof polyester. They may also be made from wood, if the swing seat has a wooden frame.

A polyester canopy will offer more protection from sun and rain than a slatted wooden canopy, but may suffer damage in windy conditions.

Fortunately, they are usually held on by Velcro and easy to remove.

Some fabric canopies will have a level of SPF protection, which will actively block UV rays instead of just creating shade (which can let UV rays through).

Upright or Reclining

Some swing seats are best described as swinging benches – upright, structured and straight forward. If correct posture is important to you, and you like having a straight backrest, these classic designs will likely appeal to you the most.

Other designs give you the possibility to recline and rest your legs up. With these options you can either sit with your legs out straight, or crossed-legged. Some people prefer this more relaxed seating position, but it’s not comfortable for everyone.

Additional Features

These are a couple of the ‘extra’ features which can feature on swing seats, you might want to look out for them if they sound appealing to you:

  • Headrests
  • Arm rests
  • Drinks trays
  • Cushions
  • Rubber feet (so that it won’t slip on a hard surface)

Some swing seats have surprising low weight allowances so it’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer before you make a purchase, just to be 100% sure.

It’s best to not presume that a swing seat can take more weight just because it seems to have been designed for more people.

Some three-seat swing seats may have as low a weight capacity as 200 kg. If this weight is divided evenly between three people sitting on the seat, it would mean that each individual’s weight should not exceed 66 kg.

It’s quite common for an adult to weigh over 66 kg, so this is something to bear in mind when shopping.

Other three-seat swing seats can have higher weight capacities of 300 kg +, which would create more freedom in terms of who can sit down.

Even if a swing seat seems to ‘withstand’ more than its recommended weight capacity, exceeding the limit can result in damage and wear and should be avoided.

Most commonly, swing seats are made with either steel or wooden frames.

Both can be strong and fare well in bad weather.

For most people, it is often a matter of aesthetics as to whether they choose wood or steel. Steel frames generally require no maintenance, whereas wooden frames will likely require treating annually with a sealant to stop moisture getting in.

If the steel is powder coated, it should be durable and relatively rust resistant. However, it’s still important to keep metal swing seats dry and under a waterproof cover when not in use in order to prolong their life.

If you choose a wooden frame, go for wood that has been pressure treated and is FSC certified. Pressure treated wood is usually guaranteed against rot and insect infestations for several years. FSC certified wood has been responsibly sourced, and is therefore generally considered better for the environment. It comes from a forest that has been approved and confirmed to meet high environmental and social standards and is cut down in a way that is not damaging to the natural habitat of animals.

Garden Swing Seat FAQs

If possible, store your swing seat away over winter.

If your swing seat is too large to store, you can buy a cover to protect it from wet weather. If you can’t find one to fit your model, you can usually cover them with a tarpaulin through the winter months. Using bungee cords is one way to help keep tarpaulin in place.

Ideally you want the swing seat to be dry before you cover it, to stop moisture getting trapped underneath the waterproof layer.

You should also make sure your garden swing seat is protected from wind. They can get damaged if they blow over. Either move your garden swing seat to a sheltered area or secure it with ground anchors or heavy-duty pegs.

Wind can also damage the fabric canopy of a swing seat. If yours has a canopy made from fabric, you should either remove it or cover it if the weather gets bad.

If you have a wooden swing sear, you should treat it yearly with a couple of coats of teak oil or a waterproof sealer.

You can place your swing seat either on your patio or your lawn.

If you buy a steel-framed swing seat make sure that it has rubber stoppers on the ends of the legs. This will stop it slipping on paving.

You could even place a swing seat in a conservatory, or move it in there for the winter months.

If possible, put it somewhere that is sheltered from strong winds so that it won’t blow over easily.

If you have a wooden swing seat, you should clean it with a sponge and warm, soapy water. This is especially important to do before storing it away over winter. If you don’t clean it, mould may spread and grow over the winter months. Avoid using a pressure washer as this could damage the wood and spread any mould spores.

To clean a steel swing seat you can use a gentle pressure washer or a sponge and warm, soapy water . It’s always better to opt for the gentler cleaning option first as this will cause less damage. It may well be all that’s required anyway.

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