In this guide we’ll take a look at the best charcoal BBQs for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Charcoal BBQ?

  • Features
  • Perfect BBQ Companion
  • Crank controlled grill temperature
  • Grill surface: 2x 41,5 x 27,5 cm
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Sturdy and well designed BBQ
  • Easy to light
  • Handy storage areas
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Deluxe charcoal BBQ
  • Three levels for cooking
  • Two side shelves and storage
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Extra large grill surface
  • Rilldeckel with thermometer and chimney
  • 2 Practical running wheels
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Elegant tabletop coal grill
  • Special carbon steel composite materials
  • Highly Portable design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Highly durable construction
  • Varnished lid and fire pit
  • Large 60x18cm warming rack
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Height adjustable chrome-plated grill
  • Cooking area - 39 cm diameter
  • Ventilation disc for further heat control
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great value for money
  • Large cooking area and removable smoker
  • Package includes fork, spatula & tongs
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Large cooking area
  • Offset smoker
  • Chimney ventilation valve
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Windshield, fire bowl, pedestal and base
  • Cheap and practical
  • Wheels offer portability
  • Cost

More Detailed Charcoal BBQ Reviews

Tepro Toronto Trolley Grill Barbecue

The Toronto Trolley Grill Barbecue is a classic looking traditional charcoal BBQ which is ideal for grilling on every day, or for turning a BBQ into a special event.

This barbecue is traditional in the American style and has a coal tray that easily allows you to vary the temperature by adjusting the height of it.  The grill temperature can also be controlled using the crank.  This alters the distance between the coals and the food you are cooking, allowing you to lower the temperature for more delicate food.  The hood of the BBQ can also be lowered, ensuring that the heat is kept in, but also giving you the option to roast food all the way through.

There are special air vents built into the BBQ which provide better circulation when grilling, they also stop the coals from going out when cooking with the hood closed.  You can also keep an eye on the temperature inside the closed lid with the built in thermometer, this also gives you an idea as to when you might need to add more charcoal to keep your BBQ going.

This BBQ also comes with the flexibility of wheels, making it easy to place anywhere in your garden, as well as having handy utensil hooks and a bottle opener. This barbecue is packed with features, and for the money it is the best charcoal BBQ for the UK market!

Azuma Black Steel Barrel Charcoal BBQ

This is a particularly heavy duty charcoal BBQ that’s ideal for those of us who like to regularly entertain outdoors.  This item displays a more traditional method of barbecuing.

For people who would always choose a simple but traditional charcoal BBQ over a gas one then the simplicity of this item will certainly appeal.  This barrel BBQ lays the charcoal out evenly across its base so it not only produces a very even cooking temperature, it is also particularly easy to light in the first place.

The temperature can also easily be adjusted during cooking as the grill can be lowered or raised as desired.

This Azuma Black Steel Barrel Charcoal BBQ even comes with a some handy storage areas.  There’a a shelf at the front and a rack lower down which are great for holding plates whilst you dish up food, or for keeping sauces and condiments in an easy to reach place.

Side vents that help increase the flow of air and an upper shelf for keeping food warm are also very useful additions to this BBQ.

This is a particularly sturdy and well made model, a T-shaped bar connecting the cooking area with the legs gives fantastic stability, whilst the lid and handle are particularly heavy duty and hard wearing. Packed with high quality features – it’s a strong contender for the best charcoal BBQ on the market.

Fire Mountain Deluxe Charcoal Trolley Barbecue

This Fire Mountain Deluxe Charcoal Barbecue is a fantastic choice for anyone who has a large family who loves the traditional outdoor BBQ food, or for those who regular host garden parties and gatherings.

This model offers a large space for cooking, with two chrome steel grills that are split over two completely separate levels.  Each of these grills can then be adjusted to sit at three different heights.  If you like to prepare full meals with food that requires different cooking temperatures then this BBQ provides you with the ability to do that to perfection.

The grill situated at the back of the appliance can also be used as a handy warming rack when required.  Once adjusted to the highest level it will keep your already prepared food warm whilst everything else is cooking.

The BBQ itself is made from black coated steel which makes it a particularly solid and durable BBQ.  There are two matching black side shelves which can be used for food preparation, plating, condiments or for any other task you like.  There is also a storage area underneath, which is great for utensils or charcoal.  The fabric front functions to hide any implements you choose to store there.

This barbecue offers great value for money, and for a budget price point it’s the best charcoal BBQ to buy!

Broil-Master Charcoal Grill BBQ

This is a classically designed charcoal BBQ with a large grilling area, making the preparation of outdoor meals, large or small, as easy as possible.  It comes complete with wheels which make it practical too, as it can be used in any area of your garden with minimum fuss.

This is a multifunction BBQ which can be used with charcoal or wood and coal briquettes, there is also an indirect grill function where the lid can be closed and the food can be roasted.  A built in thermometer in the hood helps with this function.

The grilling space is extra large compared to most similar BBQ, and grilling is made easier as the charcoal tray comes fully adjustable.  There is also a built in chrome warming rack for your convenience.

The Broil-Master Charcoal Grill BBQ stands safely on two wheels and two non slip support feet.  There are large handles on both sides for ease of movement and a handy built in bottle opener, to save you going back to the kitchen!

The whole BBQ is made from durable, powder coated steel, which effectively protects the unit from heat damage.  There is also a handy and large storage space beneath the main unit to keep charcoal or any other grilling necessities.

Lakeland Large Family Social Grill Tabletop Charcoal Barbecue

This Lakeland Grill Tabletop Charcoal Barbecue is a very different kind of BBQ offering, maybe a controversial choice for the person who loves to be the official BBQ chef!

This is a charcoal grill that sits on top of the table and lets everybody be responsible for cooking their own food, a truly unique concept and one that could make your social event all the more fun.

It is elegant to look at and can be placed directly on top of an outdoor dining table, including plastic ones or even if there is a tablecloth underneath.  Up to six people can crowd around the BBQ at the same time, preparing their food together whilst still being able to be sociable with one another.

Every person can cook his or her burger or sausage, just the way they like it.  If one person likes their sausages burnt to a crisp, so be it, if another person likes their burgers to still have a heartbeat, then they’re free to cook the rarest burger they dare to.

This BBQ has accessories available which have been specially designed for this type of eating, including v-shaped skewers and flexible tongs.  It even comes supplied with its own specifically designed soup bowls.

Landmann Taurus Large Charcoal BBQ

This is a very large charcoal BBQ that has the benefit of having had a very well thought out design.  A design that promises to make outdoor cooking as simple and stress free as it possibly can.  This is a BBQ that is easily large enough to cater for ten people in one cooking session.

The Landmann Taurus Large Charcoal BBQ has a firebowl and lid that has been painted in a stunning and timeless black colour, the lid also features a built in thermometer that allows you to test the temperature inside safely and accurately.  A built in warming rack makes keeping food hot while you prepare more, very easy.

There is a three part cooking grill that has been enamelled for longevity, ease of cooking and also for ease of keeping clean.  The charcoal grid can be easily adjusted too, and the ash pan can be simply removed making cleaning it out a far easier task.

There is also a handy side shelf built into the BBQ which can also be safely removed and cleaned with the minimum of hassle.

BBQs come under a lot of strain and pressure, due to the heat they work at every time they are used.  So it’s always reassuring when a well renowned company, such as Landmann, have a BBQ which comes with a ten year warranty, as is the case here.

If you are looking for a large charcoal BBQ to feed all your friends and family, this is the best charcoal barbecue for you!

Landmann Stainless Steel Pedestal Charcoal Barbecue

This Landmann Pedestal Charcoal Barbecue is another quality offering from the BBQ experts at Landmann, but a very different concept when compared to the previous model.

This is a stainless steel pedestal BBQ which has a far more modern feel to it.  It is smaller than the previous model, but still as practical, having the grilling space to be able to prepare a meal for up to four people at one time.  The grill is a smart and easy to use and clean chrome plated model which is 36 cm in size and height adjustable

The practicality comes from features such as the windshield, which helps with maintaining the BBQ’s temperature and keeps you safe from flying sparks and ash; the easily removed and cleaned ash catcher; and the ventilation disc, which allows you to modify the heat as you see fit.

Landmann is a trusted company in the production of quality BBQs and has the benefit of 40 years of experience.  They are known for practical designs and their use of strong, durable but lightweight materials.  This stainless steel pedestal BBQ offers all of the benefits of the brand but at an entry level price.

Charles Jacobs Large Charcoal Barrel BBQ

This is a very large BBQ which is perfect for frequent use by larger families, or to cater for large parties and family gatherings.

There is a large grilling area provided, which allows you to prepare meals for many people at the same time.  Underneath the grill is a mini smoker area, which gives you the option of cooking food without directly grilling it.

The BBQ itself is manufactured  from black powder coated steel and comes with two wheels and sturdy rubber tipped feet.  This lets you move the BBQ into any desired position in your garden and then rest assured that it will remain stable whilst you cook.

There is a handle on the side for moving the BBQ and a matching one on the hood to allow you to open and close it .  Both of these handles have been designed to be cool to the touch, even when the BBQ is lit.  A metal storage rack is also a handy place to store utensils and this BBQ comes with several.  This includes a fork, spatula and a set of tongs.

This Charles Jacobs Large Charcoal Barrel BBQ is stress free before it is built too.  The instruction manual to build it has been tried and tested and all individual parts are numbered for ease of construction.

Charles Jacobs Large Charcoal Barrel BBQ with Smoker

If you are looking for a large BBQ that can easily cater for the largest family gathering or party then this could be your perfect BBQ.  If you are looking for a BBQ that offers something a little special, then the built in smoker offers you both a useful cooking tool and a great talking point at any event.

There is a large grilling area with this model which lets you have the option of grilling directly or indirectly whilst the separate smoker gives you even greater flexibility.  This gives you a completely separate cooking chamber or can simply be left empty if it isn’t required.

The Charles Jacobs Barrel BBQ with Smoker has a built in chimney ventilation valve which lets you have full control over the cooking temperature at all times.

This BBQ comes with a number of handy features such as inset temperature display, two handles that are cool to the touch, whees for easy mobility as well as feet for stability, a wooden work top at the front of the unit and a metal storage rack for charcoal.  It also comes with its own tongs fork and spatula.

As with all Charles Jacobs products, it comes with tested, easy to follow instructions and labelled part packs for easy construction.

This large charcoal BBQ is a sturdy and well designed product. The in-built smoker makes this best charcoal barbecue for versatile cooking for plenty of guests!

Outsunny New Outdoor Garden Charcoal Barbecue

If you’re looking for a cheap, cheerful and practical, entry level BBQ then this is definitely one for you to consider.

The Outsunny Garden Charcoal Barbecue is a pedestal BBQ which is made from quality materials and has been designed primarily for ease of use.  It is small enough to be used in the tiniest of garden spaces, and the wheels it comes with make it easy to move it again if you change your mind.

The height of the BBQ can easily be adjusted and other features include a windshield, firebowl, pedestal and base.  The charcoal grid is made from steel and there is a built in ventilation disc to ensure the heat can be easily adjusted. To finish off there is a handy storage area at the bottom to store charcoal or to use as a preparation area.

If you are looking for the best charcoal BBQ on a budget, this is a great option to go for.

Charcoal BBQ Buying Guide

If you love the authenticity and taste of grilling over coals, a Charcoal BBQ is definitely the way to go. 

Plus the market isn’t what it used to be, Charcoal BBQs have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years.

From fast temperature adjustments to side smokers, a Charcoal BBQ is a serious piece of kit these days.

So if you need a little help deciding the best model for you, I have chosen the best 10 charcoal barbecues to help you cook up a storm this year!

What to Look For When Buying a Charcoal BBQ

Size – Do you have a large family or is it just the two of you?  Do you have a lot of parties?  Do you just want to grill sausages and burgers or do you want to smoke racks of ribs and cook whole chickens?  These are just a few things that will determine what size of BBQ you need.

Do you want to do indirect cooking with the lid closed?  If so, you’re going to need a grill that’s big enough to have charcoal on one side and for you to be able to cook on the other.  If you need space for vegetables, like corn, then this is another consideration.

Temperature control – If a BBQ has vents at both the top and bottom then these will help to regulate your temperature.  There may also be an option to adjust the height of your charcoal basin which will bring it closer to or further away from your food.  Some BBQs can also be used with temperature control mechanisms which will give you even more control over your cooking.

Easy to clean – Some old fashioned BBQs need to be laid down, twisted round or turned over completely in order to effectively clean them.  If cleanliness is important t you, then look for BBQs that have mechanisms to make cleaning easier.  Ash trays that can be removed and cleaned separately are a good start.

Longevity – You want your BBQ to be a long term investment, so look for one that is going to last.  A durable material is a good place to start, steel construction and ceramic coated grills usually signify quality. The best charcoal barbecue will last you years of service.

It is also important for the grill itself to be particularly thick.  Not only does a thicker grill hold heat longer and cook better, it is also much more likely to last longer.  Cooking grates should be made out of steel or cast iron.


Some people insist that the best flavour of food is that which has been cooked on a charcoal BBQ.  The smoky flavour is something that a gas grill just cannot replicate.

Whether you want an outdoor BBQ for the flavour, the versatility or for large scale entertaining there are lots of things that you should consider before your purchase.

Charcoal BBQs are not complex pieces of machinery, but there are many different types with many different features to choose from.  Using the guide above will remind you of the points you should consider before choosing the best charcoal BBQ for you.